Friday, January 1, 2010

In the Hands of God...

...Were the words that were echoing in my very soul as the clock ticked over into 2010.

'In the hands of God' are the words that I have been meditating upon this very first day that we all share in ~ 1st of January 2010!

In the hands of God is my life,

my marriage,

my children,

my business,

my siblings,

my parents,

my friends,

my enemies,

my health,

my mind,

each day,

each hour,

each minute,

each second

It's all in the Hands of God!

The New Year has arrived, we all have at least one new year resolution


Because we all like a fresh start at being a better person, a more patient parent, a loving spouse, or more aware of our neighbours.

There is hope that you can just lose those extra kilos, start eating better, break a bad habit and form better ones.
We know that 2009 and all the disappointments, hurts, successes, and praises have gone, never will that last year return.

With Jesus in our lives He helps us to look ahead, to let go of what went on in the last year.

He is the one who fills our hearts with inspiration, strength and the will to go on!

My heart is strengthened today as a homeschooling parent to know that Jesus has already gone before me and that our homeschooling is in the hands of God.


  1. Beautiful reminder Sarah!! Great words to start 2010 with!!! Luv Donna

  2. Hi Sarah,
    Love the header! :)

    What a beautiful ♥-filled post. God truly does have us sheltered beneath His wings, and He is the source of my strength. :D

    Have a wonderful and blessed 2010.
    Your friend,
    Jillian ♥

  3. Hi Sarah,

    What a wonderful foundation to begin a new year on. Thankyou for the reminder.

    Amy :)

  4. Hi Sarah,
    I have an award waiting for you on my blog. :)

  5. Now that's the way to start a new year! I'll look forward to reading about your continued blessings. Reading through your list I wonder how anyone could choose a life apart from Him.

  6. Great words of wisdom there gives you peace knowing God is in control of it all hey.

  7. by the way, i like your quote of the week by c.s. lewis. my daughter has been traveling the country with some other teens, teaching speech and debate classes. one of the dramatic pieces they do is from c. s. lewis' story The Great Divorce. very thought provoking and impacting piece. he's become a favorite of ours.


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