Saturday, December 19, 2009

Mince Pies and a few confessions!

Would you like to know a couple of secrets of mine regarding mince pies?

1. I have never cooked them before these ones

2. I have never eaten them before these ones

3. The reason why I had never eaten them or cooked them was
because all my childhood I actually thought they were made out of
real mince meat...true story my friend!

So what inspired me to make them this time, you may ask!

Well memories of my Mother cooking them every year exists very much in my mind, and my mother has been away all year and only returned home on Wednesday and I knew that she would not have the time to make them. Also I wanted to make them so Mum could take some to my dear Nana!

Donna Hay also inspired me to make mince pies with this gorgeous recipe in the Donna Hay Christmas Magazine page 110! If you want the recipe then by the magazine, there is always so much simple creative ideas, it's worth every cent ~ Donna Hay magazine is the bomb!

I just found out from my Auntie that Nana loved the mince pies and my Uncle also, so that is very satisfying!


  1. They look great Sarah. I too thought they were made from real mince so now you tell me they aren't, it puts me off. LOL

    I bet Nanna loved them!

  2. Really, truly! I can't believe you thought they were real mince too! That is funny! x

  3. Sarah, they look absolutely amazing - my husband loves these! Well done!

    Have a great weekend,

  4. You are so sweet and thoughtful!!! These look yummo. . . Have a wonderful day!


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