Sunday, August 23, 2009

Due to my first cold this year, I did as little as possible over the weekend, which resulted in catching up on some much wanted reading that was piling up on my coffee table!
Just thought you might like to know some more of my passions and interests so here they are ~
There is something about quilts that I just love and when I saw this quilt on the front cover of this magazine, I simply desired to make it for my dd!
Let's hope I can!
Donna Hay magazine attracts my attention because of her lovely
and simple use of a variety of foods

Joel Osteen has a beautiful gift of encouragement and this book has been so uplifting over the last few weeks and I was able to read more over the weekend!

This magazine keeps me inspired to stay healthy and keeps me up to date with what's hot and what's not! They impress me with there thorough research and beautiful recipes!

p.s ~ Our kitchen is getting installed today! It was 7 years ago when we moved to this amazing town and now the time has come where what you sow is what you reap! Only God knows what I mean about that!


  1. You are soooo talented! I didn't know you were a patchworker as well as everything else! Thanks for sharing your coffee table with me.

    Can't wait to see your new kitchen.

    Get well soon.

  2. Sorry to hear you are feeling below par.
    I love the look of that patchwork. As it is the realm of creative stuff...I am not into it...but I do love the end results!

  3. Actually I am recovering really quickly...Praise God! I have never made a quilt, but I have wanted to and this one just really inspired me!

  4. HI Sarah
    Saw this a few days ago and didn't get to finish reading it.
    There's one book on your coffee table I LOVE - Joel Osteen's book - read it last year - fantastic! I think you and I have similar fave preachers/teachers - Joel and Joyce:)


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