Tuesday, July 7, 2009

A Whole New World

During dinner the other night David (my handsome husband) and I were just having a general chat about different things, but amongst that chat I began to tell David about the blogosphere and all the wonderful Woman I am meeting through this incredible network. Now as I was speaking I had a revelation, 'a suddenly moment' that gave me insight into my heart and soul.

Okay so your saying "hurry up already and spit it out". Blogging and meeting all you amazing, incredible and fantastic woman has opened up 'A whole new world', a world that carries me away from the world that doesn't agree with homeschooling, from negative seeds that have been planted by loved ones and from being the only Mother in this community who home schools.

This whole new world has lifted me to a new place, has brought new encouragement that goes deep into my soul, for the first time I really have a deep deep sense that I am not alone in this journey of homeschooling. In my mind I know there have been thousands of families who have gone before me and there are families who are on the same journey now, but that has now dropped into my heart and soul which has given me a new strength as a woman who home schools.

There are experiences we have as children that we will never forget, they were moments that went deep into our hearts. One for me was that enchanting song 'A Whole New World' in the Walt Disney movie 'Aladdin', as a young girl, I was carried away with that song to a new place and when the Lord gave me insight into how much impact the blogoshere world has had on my life I was taken back to how I felt when I heard that song from Aladdin for the first time.

So I just want to take this time to say a HUGE thank you to you Jeanne, you were the first one I met here through cyberspace and you have brought so much encouragement to me through your incredible blog. A HUGE thank you to my cousin Jenny who was one of the first to comment on my thoughts and your opinion means so much to me. Thank you to 'you' who have taken a moment out of your time to stop here and read my thoughts and comment, I absolutely love it when you come by, you greatly bless me and carry me away to a whole new world.

I look forward to getting to know you beautiful people more and more. xxx


  1. Thanks, Sarah,

    My sentiments exactly.

  2. This is a beautiful post.
    The internet can be a wonderful adventure. Be careful though! it can also be addictive. I have spent too much time stuck in my little world and not making effort with "real" people and now I am trying to rectify that. I think balance is the key and that is what I am trying to learn.
    My older girls just love that song from Aladdin! The other day my 19 year old went out and bought the dvd to add to her disney collection! Innocent movies like this have been part of their lives for so long that even as growing women they still love them. x

  3. Sarah, I love what you wrote! For me blogging has also been a source of encouragement and fellowship with like minded women - mums who love being with their kids, love their hubbys and love God. It's so refreshing to 'meet' others who share a passion for family life... homeschooling..art..chocolate...!!

  4. Hi Sarah,
    What a beautiful post!

    Blogging friends are wonderful!

    I, too, am looking forward to getting to know you more with each passing day.


  5. Awww - that was lovely reading your heart-felt thoughts. And thank you for thanking me - LOL.....it was sweet of you to mention me.

    It's always a joy to read your posts as they're always honest and that's what I love best about you!

    Your blog's full of colour, passion and love - keep up the good work cuz!

  6. Sarah, This is such a beautiful post. When it comes from your heart, it speaks to many. This definitely spoke to me even though you posted it back in July 2009.

    You are a gem, a big sparkly one. Love you Sarah.


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