Friday, July 10, 2009

Going BANANAS...

Q. Why did the banana go to the doctors?

A. Because he wasn't 'peeling' well...

Seventeen years ago my husband David brought a few baby banana plants from Coffs Harbour, NSW. Last year was the first time they flowered and produced fruit, but it was our neighbours who benefited from the fruit for we were away for a few months.

Late last year my son Joshua was the first to spot a new bell (which is the flower part of the banana plant) and a few days later there were banana's. Then not too long after that another flower sprung forth, then another and then another. So all together we had four bunches of bananas and we just could not believe it.

The picture above I took this morning in our courtyard and you can see three bunches with black bags. Now just so you know we live in Victoria, that's right my friend Victoria which is mostly thought of as the cold state of Australia, but we do live in a more mild part of the state.
Anyway we have just started eating our bananas in the last three weeks and we are all just so delighted to be eating them, especailly Dave as you could imagine, they're sweet and delicious.
Praise God for His wonderful provision of great foods.


  1. Hmmm, do you get frosts where you live? Just wondering...? I'd love to have a banana palm, just for the taste.

  2. Hey Jillian...2o min out from where we are they get frosts, but because we are right on coast we don't get them. They are such a blessing and has been a wonderful education for the children to learn and watch them grow.
    Love Sarah xxx

  3. Jemimah was intrigued when she heard about your bananas - she has really enjoyed seeing the photos!

  4. That's really cool that you showed Jemimah! WOuld she like to come over and have one or two??? xxx

  5. Looks fabulous - it must be great eating your very own-grown bananas!


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