Saturday, June 27, 2009

A Journey to Italy...

"As evening draws near, and in the still air
a few clouds can be seen resting on the mountains,
standing on the sky rather than drifting across it,
or when, immediately after sunset, the loud shrill of crickets is heard,
I feel at home in the world, neither a stranger or an exile."

The lovely place we resided at whilst at Malua Bay was filled with plenty of wonderful written books and art work. Being rather fond of the Italian culture I was immediately drawn to this book 'letters from Italy'.

With a cup of latte and a gorgeous sunlit sitting room I began to read and literally was swept away with this writer and poet to the bountiful land of Italy.

Goethe completely captivated me with his writings and I felt as though I was on the journey with him, his use of words are so lyrical and poetic, I just drifted away.

"From the room where I am sitting, a door opens on to the courtyard below. I placed my table in front of it and made a quick sketch of the view. Except for one corner to my left, I can see almost the entire length of the lake. Both shores, hemmed in by hills and mountains, glimmer with innumerable small villages."

If you would like to read this delightful letter you will find it here -

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  1. Profound reading, Sarah.

    Not surprising that you were drawn to it though!!

    Nice to have you back. I've missed you.


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