Friday, June 12, 2009

Fun in learning

Today for maths I brought out a card game just to keep our lessons alive and fun. I feel as though 'fun' can be lost even with living books and maths books. Joshua loved this game and yes he did win, the little smarty pants. He was begging for more which is a definite sign that your child is having 'fun'. The sums are very basic but the game encourages you to add and take quickly, a great game to get the brain going in the morning.

Grace had alot of fun practicing her counting and writing her numbers with these lovely cards. First Grace matched together the puzzle then count the amount of animals and their colour. Then on a piece of paper Grace traced over the numbers 3 times each which she says "this is my favourite".

Also for Grace we have started a


  1. Great ideas there for adding & subtracting!

  2. Funny, I was feeling the same way about injecting something interesting into maths. We chose telling the time. We've been doing it all this week and it has ben great fun taking a week off proper maths!!

    Great minds think alike!


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