Saturday, May 2, 2009

Preparation is the key!

Today I have spent a couple of hours preparing for starting term 2 on Monday! As I was putting together the book list for this term, I began to feel very excited and confident about what we are going to do. You see after the end of last terms examinations I was shocked (to put it plainly) in how well the examination week went.

Joshua and Grace exceeded my expectations in what they had learned and picked up in each subject which then left me feeling so encouraged. I have seen such a difference in putting in the prep work and writing down what books you would like to have read and finished by the end of next term.

As I was looking at and what composer and artist we are studying this term, joy flooded my heart for I am so grateful for amble side putting together this fantastic curriculum for all who would like to use it.

Here is a quick over view of what is on our book list for this term -

Bible - We are studying the lives of the apostles in the book of Acts

Science - Pagoo - We actually started this book last term and the children were very intrigued so I am looking forward to picking it back up again

Australian History - We continue to read 'Our Sunburnt Country' - This is a very well written and illustrated book, the children love it.

Australian Literature - We have 2 more chapters of the very wonderful 'Dot and the kangaroo', (this read-aloud has been Joshua's absolute favourite) we then start 'The Magic Pudding'

Literature - Continue reading 'Robin Hood' followed by 'Tales from Shakespeare'

History tales - Joan of Arc

World History - Columbus

Geography - Seabird

Poetry - We begin ' The animals Noah forgot'

Reader's - McGuffey's Eclectic readers

For Grace we will be completing the tales from the wonderful Miss Beatrix Potter,

we will then start the beautiful series of A. A. Milne's Winnie the Pooh - the original series

For art we have Lot's of books on our shelf. One that we love is 'A child's book of prayer in art' by sister Wendy Beckett -

Art Appreciation - This term we are studying the works of Caspar David Friedrich (Romantic Painter) "The artist should not only paint what he sees before him, but also what he sees within him. If, however, he sees nothing within him, then he should also omit to paint that which he sees before him." - C.D.F

Composer - Franz Liszt - He was taught the piano by his father; establishing himself as a remarkable concert artist by the age of 12.

Nature Study - We continue the 'Real-Life Bugs and insects' series

We continue to read 'Parables from Nature' for our read-aloud.

Maths - Last term we started 'Memorize in Minutes: The Times Tables' - we are finding this just fabulous, I won't go into detail tonight for this book deserves a whole separate blog which i'll do later on.

Once again the preparation work has been the key to unlock readiness, confidence, joy and eagerness in my heart to begin our next term of learning.



  1. Sounds like you're all organised Sarah - well done!

  2. I'm really impressed by your plans, Sarah.

    Can't wait to see how Joshua finds some of those books.

  3. Good luck with all your plans next year! :) Let me know if you have any questions...I'm still working on extra resources for Galloping the Globe to share with everyone! :)



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