Thursday, October 2, 2014

Reflecting on life

“The question is not, - how much does the youth know? 
when he has finished his education -- 
but how much does he care? 
and about how many orders of things does he care?
 In fact, how large is the room in which he finds his feet set? 
and, therefore, how full is the life he has before him?” 
-Charlotte Mason

Rock discoveries

So once again, it has been awhile since I have been in blog land to share my thoughts. Even now as I feel the flow to write, my 13yo son is asking me 'how long will you be, can I watch Bear Grylls'.

We are into our 3rd week of holidays. I took an extra week off, to work on our B&B accommodation websites, and attract more guests. It has been worth it, as we are now receiving more bookings.

Our tropical gardens

This week I am trying to relax, but also get geared up for our last 7 weeks of Ambleside Online year 4, before we reach Christmas season and our most busiest part of the year with our three apartments. 

It's incredible how quickly our children grow and change, and before we know it, we are out of all the fun craft stage, where schooling was much simpler. 

Through my daughters lens

I have been struggling with the transition of my children becoming older, more independent and truly becoming their own persons. This is what I desire of course, to see them be who God made them, to watch how they express their thoughts, will and emotions. But I don't think I was prepared for it to happen so fast, for the time to slip through my fingers like sand.

My son all geared up 

It does make me sit here in gratefulness, that I have had the honour to be with these human beings that heaven gave us. Even though there have been many ugly days I am still thankful, because the sun shiny days, out shine those dark days, and praise God for His grace.

As we move on in life, and people and things change, I am realising more and more that it's about being content right where you are. I believe this is one of the greatest battles, for one to be content right where they are. The more that I am thankful and grateful for where I am at, the more I am content with everything. 

Home made mousse

Being content during life's transitions, brings great fulfilment, and especially when you know the God of the universe, He can only satisfy the hunger and thirst that all mankind have inside their souls.


  1. Thanks for stopping by! Yes, we are watching them grow up too fast as well.

    1. Your welcome! Thank you too for dropping by here. I'm going to try to make a better effort of blogging. I really enjoy staying connected with all my fellow homeschooling families. Enjoy your day,

  2. I like your homemade mousse! So cute, that the little umbrella's

    1. Thank you Jedidja, glad to have you drop by. :)

  3. loved reading your thoughts Sarah! what a blessing and privilege to have spent these years with our children! I found the same thing - R is becoming more independent and I never thought it would happen at 10 ;)

  4. Like your Laura Ingalls Wilder quote. I don't know that you're ever prepared for the growing up, even when you've already been through it before.


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