Sunday, June 2, 2013

Term 2 here we come!

Good Evening folks,

Tomorrow we start AO term 2! 

We have had a 3 week break because the first week I was in severe pain with one of my upper teeth that even Panadeine Forte couldn't completely fix. 

For the first few nights I just didn't know how I was going to get to sleep in the middle of the night and all I know is I prayed and prayed for Jesus to put me to sleep and thank God He did.

The pain is worse than child birth.

So after 7 days I was back to myself again and began my true rest. 

Then one of my Pastors (Minister) from Torquay died in a tragic paragliding accident. You may have seen it all over the news as he and another man were missing for a couple of days. I don't think they found the other man.

I went to Ps Rob's church between the ages of 17-19 and I was quite close to the family at that time. 

Death always comes at a shock when it's someone you know dearly, it was quite an emotional 2nd week break. 

One day I was in my garage looking for our 'God's Generals' tapes when I found the book Ps Rob gave me for my 19th birthday about his Dad and his up bringing as a missionary's kid in Papua New Guinea and inside was a beautiful inscription, it never meant so much! 

The words are-

Happy 19th Birthday! 1 May' 98

May this book be an inspiration to you to serve God
faithfully all the days of your life.

The rewards are very great for those who
run their marathon well.

I wish for you that the great start you have made
in serving the vision in Torquay will set
the pace for the rest of your life!

You are greatly loved and appreciated.

In this last week we have had my husbands parents stay with us and are still with us, so they will see their youngest grandchildren start term 2 tomorrow.

I could go another week off, but I'm looking forward to getting back into our atmosphere of learning. 

Have a great week folks, I sure plan to!

Love Sarah


  1. I'm saddened by the difficulties you've had the past few weeks.

    Enjoy Term 2, dear Sarah. xxx

  2. Have a great 2nd term! I always like the newness of beginning!

  3. Yes, I heard about the death of the paraglider and I'm very sad to hear that you knew the person who died. Prayers that things start to look up:))))

    Blessings for the week ahead.

  4. Incredibly moving, Sarah. It sounds like he ran his race well and you are blessed to know him.
    Much love, much comfort.

  5. Yea, for the 2nd term! So wonderful. I hope it will be a wonderful time

    What a lovely inscription. I am glad that you have something to remember him by. Hugs.

  6. Hi Sarah, long time no visit:(
    So sorry to hear this:(
    I did hear about it in the news and he was a good friend of my in-laws in Melbourne too:( small world!
    very sad but our praise God we have our hope in Him.
    hugs to you,


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