Friday, April 26, 2013

Sunshine in an open aviary

Right now I am basking in this morning's delicious sunshine and sipping a delicious cup of coffee.

I wake up and sometimes imagine that I live in one massive aviary. I can hear about at least a dozen different birds songs, now wouldn't Miss Mason be impressed if I could name each sound, unfortunately I can't, but I think my children would, especially my 12yo son who is such a nature lover. 

I have my children helping me, let's have a try, here it goes-

Kookaburras (me)

Lorikeets (Joshua & Grace)

Honey eaters (Joshua)

Currawongs (Grace came riding on her bike to tell me & Joshua)
We love when the Currawongs come back for winter

Wonga Pigeons (David & Joshua)

 Wattle bird (David)

I thought I could hear Black cockatoos



Bower Bird
I've added this very delightful bird as they are 
prevalent everywhere at this time of year, so you see 
them but rarely hear them

Bell Bird
We couldn't hear these lovely one this morning but
they are everywhere in our national park

Also everywhere but hard to hear with all
the lorikeets

Grace came out and told me straight out that she could hear Lorikeets, then my son walks out and tells me that the majority of the bird noise is Lorikeets because they are SO NOISY in the morning. 

They have outdone me again, I couldn't even tell you that they were Lorikeets.

Actually I am right, I just saw a black cockatoo...YIPPEE!!! 

Joshua (in his own words) is describing today as -
"spectacular, magnificent, gorgeous and prettiest day ever with the little birds chirping and the big ones screaming all through the morning until it clicks over to 9.00am. The morning dew falls over the hibiscus  and looks like it's raining. There is a beautiful dog named Maggie and there is a magnificent coloured blue-tongue lizard who's name is Sophia, I hope you have enjoyed this story, bye everyone, have a lovely day".

p.s none of the above pictures are our own, I do have a lot, but to save time I conveniently used google images. 


  1. What a lovely, lovely word story. Love this post.

  2. Oh... so nice. I also love the post. My girls came by to admire the unusual birds we do not have here.

  3. Thank you pleased your girls had a look.

  4. Wow! You are blessed with so many beauties right in your back yard! Great story by Joshua. He is very expressive. It is Saturday now and another glorious day.
    "This is the day the Lord has made. Let us rejoice and be glad in it!"

    1. Thank you Ruby. Indeed, it is the day the Lord has made...

  5. Wow ... her only blackbirds, great tits, blue tits and sparrows and magpies. One time, after weeks of bitter cold and snow tipped a large raptor with its beak on our window. I think he wanted to eat our orange canary.

  6. Thank you for your comments on my post Sarah :) We need to learn to take time with our journey !
    Lovely post here. The Wren always makes my heart smile :)

  7. wow, very impressed Sarah! :) we are so blessed in Australia with our amazing bird life!

  8. I was excited when one of those little wrens came to visit and sit outside my study window. I was able to take a photo of it which thrilled me to bits!


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