Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Two books & a Flat Head Fish

Gracie & I just finished 'Mary Poppins'
last night...

...and she has chosen 'The Wheel on the School'
for our next night time read aloud

The boys have gone fishing, I've enjoyed a nice cup of English Breakfast whilst playing cards with Grace (who single-handedly bet me easy) and we are now off to begin journeying the pages of our new story. 

Before I go take a look at the HUGE flat head fish my son reeled in not far from home. He made friends with a lovely elderly Italian lady who was so pleased with Joshua's fishing passion and glad to take pictures.

The flat head was an amazing 65cm in length.  Any flathead longer than 55cm is protected as they are female carrying thousands of eggs. So this baby went back to the waters.

Love Sarah


  1. Happy reading. It's been a very long time since I read Mary Poppins. And we'll done on that very large fish. Have a lovely weekend.

  2. That is a whopper!
    Although I still read to my boys they prefer it to stay in "school hours". I miss the bed time reading routine :-(

  3. That is one big fish, Sara! And we love Mary Poppins, too. :)

  4. We haven't read "The wheel of the school". I am not sure how that book wasn't put on my radar.

    So, glad that he got a lovely picture of him and his fish! He looks very proud.

    - Carmen


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