Monday, March 19, 2012

New things

Have you awoken to a beautiful Morning?

I'm sitting hear in the quite and I can only hear morning birds singing, my daughter eating a salad for breakfast and my own thoughts.

We are back into the full swing of school this week, which I am feeling quite nervous about, not sure why that it.

Maybe because we are starting 'All about Spelling' today and sometimes I feel nervous when we start something new. 

My son has been doing 'Spelling Wisdom', but I decided that we need something a bit more. We will continue with Spelling Wisdom really for copy work and penmanship and Joshua quite enjoys it, but it's not enough for him to really grasp his spelling. 

I'm also starting my 7yo daughter with All about Spelling, she is ready.

My son also started Writing Tales last week, which I think is perfect for him and so far he is enjoying something different - we'll see how we go.

 Have you started anything new lately?

p.s change of plans, we are heading to Eden to stock up on groceries. So I get another day to steady my heart about starting new curriculums. We have guests arriving today for 2 nights and then another lot tomorrow for 3 nights, so we need to go today! 


  1. Not starting anything new but I do understand the feeling.
    We haven't started spelling as yet!
    Hope it all goes well when you begun tomorrow.....

  2. As a poor speller I would find teaching it difficult , so all the best. Not starting anything new, just the same old stuff.

    We are having a couple of sunny days before some cool weather arrives, will make the most of it.

    Have a lovely week.

  3. Nothing new here. Just looking forward to the end of term!

  4. Ditto to Jeanne, but I do know that feeling of anxiety working with new material. Especially if we've used and liked something for a long time and then realise, hey, this is not working here. It is like leaping into the unknown, but you'll soon get the swing of it.


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