Friday, March 9, 2012

Much to do about nothing

So it's a long weekend here in Victoria, has anyone got any special plans? Do you school on the public holiday?

These last few weeks we have been just covering the basics as we have been spring cleaning through our home, doing all the fun stuff like scrubbing walls, skirting boards and packing away as much of our things as we can.

Our B&B/house is now on the market!

There is a season for everything. We know it is time to sell this investment and move on.

When situations arise in your family that demand your time and attention do you stop schooling all together or do you continue a few things?

I have found it rather difficult to just set aside my children's education, to set my attention on something else. But we are doing it and we will just have to have catch up days.

Both of my children are still reading there books and doing there writing, maths, Spanish & typing as they can do these subjects mostly on there own, so really frees me. We are not doing any of our read aloud books which drives me crazy if I think about it, but we'll get back into it real soon.

I'm really just typing anything I can think about to get my mind off the pain I have from PMS, it's not good.

Anyway, we finished (as our family read-aloud) C.S Lewis' first book to his series 'The Magicians Nephew' last week, I read the last 3 chapters in one sitting and I was extremely excited to have learnt where the wardrobe from 'The Lion, The Witch & the Wardrobe' came into it. So was my husband actually!!!

I'm sitting here trying to decide if I should start the Anne of Green Gables books, which is next on my list of books to read or do some more of my fitness reading which is about Anatomy and Physiology at the moment, and I am loving what I am learning about the body.

What do you think?

I'm also trying to decide which Shakespeare play I should read first to the children.

I'd really appreciate your opinion!



  1. Read Anne, read Anne, read Anne!

    Jemimah and I recommend Comedy of Errors as first Shakespeare. Or much Ado About Nothing, or Mid summer Night's Dream. One of the comedies, for sure. I have not attempted a read aloud yet. Will be keen to hear how you go!

  2. I actually started Anne and did some study. I am surprised that you haven't read from Charles Lambs Tales of Shakespeare, as AO has it right from yr1. Why don't you read them Jeanne?

  3. It is really hard to keep schooling when life is calling, isn't it? The things they are doing will keep them going until the time comes when you can go back to full time. Is there interest in your B&B as yet? It looks such a gorgeous place, I am sure someone will snap it up. Oh, I would so love to be having a big "spring" clean. Have a great weekend.

  4. Hi Ruby, we have just been on the market 1 week and we have had a few interests which is good. It is a good feeling to throw way 'stuff' that just hangs around. You have a relaxing weekend yourself! xxx

  5. Read Anne - I read it last year after not reading it since I was a teenager and loved it. Now I need to read all the other Anne books.

    I pray that the BB sale goes smoothly.

    PS I love the photo at the top of your blog, it is lovely.

    Yes, this weekend is a long weekend and finally the sun will be shinning and no rain. I can spend some time outside and wash my clothes.

  6. Thanks Jo! Yes I plan on reading all the Anne novels for the first time! Enjoy your time in the garden!

  7. Chronicles of Narnia are some of my favorite childrens books in print. I can not wait till my own boys are old enough so we can enjoy them together. I used to read one every year to my students in public school. (Nothing like getting a little God in there.)

    What is "skirting boards?" I love that expression. When I figure out what it is, I'm going to use it!

    And I'm allo for Mid Summer's Night Dream. Or Hamlet.

  8. PMS ugh! Hope you're feeling better today.
    I haven't read the Anne books yet though loved the movies!
    The magicians nephew was enjoyed thoroughly over here too:)
    We follow the AO schedule for Shakespeare but don't narrate from it. Dd has loved all of them we've read so far. Will continue to pray for the b and b and you guys.....

  9. Hey Mrs. Dunbar, skirting boards are the building term for the long pieces of wood that go around the bottom of the walls. Does that make sense? That's cool that you read those books every year! xxx

  10. Hi Rosemary, thanks, I'm feeling a bit better today! I've thought about just following AO's schedule, but I really wanted to introduce Shakespeare with a fun one, I am leaning towards 'Much ado about nothing'! We won't be starting until next term. Thank you for your prayers. xxx

  11. I can't unfortunately recommend what books, I come here to see what is in store for us, ha ha ha, but I wanted to say that it is hard to hear about your B&B... sigh... anyway, I wish you the best and no worries about not reading aloud much... life takes priority, there are waves and seasons, they'll be sustained with what they get to by themselves. But I can relate to your feeling, after 7 weeks of vacation I came with such a mea culpa feeling for not having touched a book!

  12. Hi Sarah, we have read the stories. It is the actual plays that I was procrastinating over. This post inspired me, though. I just popped in to tell you that it went really well. Yay.

    Much Ado is really fun. You will like it, I think. Can you get hold of a video of it to watch?

  13. Thanks Jeanne, I appreciate your feedback! (-:

  14. Hey Sarah! Exciting to hear that your B&B is for sale - I guess that means some big changes for you and your family! Um, I can relate to the juggle of doing school when life is busy with a big project. I tend to do what you have said - keep the basics going and leave off with the extra bits for later. The wonderful thing is that as home schoolers we can usually involve our kids in the big projects that are needing our attention. My hubby is reading the Magician's Nephew to our younger ones - one chapter to go! My 7 year old is loving it. This would be the 2nd or third time hubby has read all 7 books to our children!! As for Shakespeare, I'm with Jeanne - the comedies are great fun. We loved Much Ado About Nothing, especially as we have the dvd with Emma Thompson. We finished reading all the stories in Lamb's Tales last week, and have moved on to reading Much Ado out loud as a play. My older 4 are loving it! xx

  15. Hi Mel, thank you for your great feedback, it's much appreciated! Yep, BIG changes this year, we are certainly walking by faith and not by sight! Lovely to hear from you blogging pal! xxx


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