Monday, December 19, 2011

It's only the beginning...

...of our holidays,
and here are some highlights...

 Picking loads of raspberries and making jam. 
We have also been baking our own
bread and having fresh jam
on our bread...enough to make your mouth water

 We had out first lot of visitors and we had an awesome
day at this beach which is only 7 min from our home.

 I took the kids and my nephew to this beautiful swimming lagoon.

This beach is on the other side of the lagoon
 Snapping myself again! :)

 We eat lots of popcorn, not normally packet ones, we now
own our own popcorn's gorgeous!

 My gorgeous hubby took the kids out on a bush hike...

 ...and a BBQ...
...and to see the HUGE whale washed up on one of the beaches.

Life is good at the beach 

Besides hanging down the beach we have had 
5 reverse cycle air conditioners installed upstairs, 
roller blinds put in all 5 bedrooms, 
(which my clever husband installed himself)
plasterers finishing some work on our ceiling,
and we now have our certificate of occupancy after starting this 
project in 2005. 


Gracie & I finally finished Blinky Bill, and we have been 
reading lots of Christmas literature.

I finished The Help a couple of weeks ago,
and found the story line was very realistic,
which makes it sad yet there is incredible humor.
I could not put this book down.

I am now reading Leota's Garden

Isn't it just wonderful to have a break, a little breather
from the intensity of homeschooling.


  1. Love the beach! On the Pacific Northwest coast, though, it is always cold. Enjoy your holidays!

  2. I love the beach too! :)
    I also love picking berries!

  3. Hello there! Boy o boy do I wish I could try some of your raspberry jam.

    Looks like you guys are getting alot done on your home. What are reverse air conditioners?

    And the beach 7 minutes away? Heaven!

    Merry Christmas to you!!

  4. You are sounding very relaxed Sarah, so good to hear it in your 'voice' :)
    Congratulations on achieving your goal with the b & b. You guys have worked so hard on it. I pray it goes really well for you.
    How's your dad doing btw?
    I'm enjoying the break also from homeschooling.
    Merry Christmas!
    I'll catch up again next year.

    p.s. that jam and homemade bread sounds absolutely delicious!

  5. Yes, life is good at the beach. :)
    We have a few lovely spots like that near our home as well, which we are very regular visitors to.

    Enjoy your holidays! :)

  6. Hello beautiful lady! I love the pic of those raspberries...YUM! Well done on the air cons and the roller blinds - doesn't it feel sooo good to get things like done. Today the kids and I have been putting secondhand carpet into our garage which we use alot as a rumpus room/games room. It's looking good and is another step towards getting ready for our rellies to arrive. Phew! Merry Chrissy! Mel xx

  7. Hi There! Those pictures of beautiful. What a lovely way to spend some time during the Christmas Holidays. Yummmmmmy to the raspberries!

  8. I would love to make fresh raspberry jam, but they are impossible to buy in large quantities at a reasonable price so I use frozen ones in jam.

    Even though I have never lived near the beach I miss not being able to go for a drive and walk along the sand - for us it is over 2 hours in driving!! So I will enjoy your photos instead.


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