Sunday, November 27, 2011

Tomatoes...what else?

 "It's difficult to think anything 
but pleasant thoughts while 
eating a homegrown 

I spied these seedlings while we were in Melbourne and I think my heart skipped a beat as the black Russian tomatoes are my most favourite of the tomato range. We grew them a couple of years back and I haven't found the seeds very easily.

I just love the above quote which is found on the back of the seedling packet!

DO you feel that way about tomatoes?

We're a bit late this year but we get all our seedlings in this coming week...YAY!
Love Sarah 


  1. I do love tomatoes but with my brown thumb do not grow them :-) Those do look nice.

  2. I can understand your excitement but unfortunately not for tomatoes:) have fun growing and harvesting them !

  3. I'm not a huge tomato fan...but I do like cherry tomatoes - yum! Snow peas do it for me - they are my favourite summer time vegetable to grow. I have four rows of them just starting to climb the wire fence now. Have fun in your garden this week! x


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