Monday, October 24, 2011

On our Queen

"The Queen is a wonderful woman, she is 10 years younger than me and look at all she is doing, although she does 
get looked after well."
~ My 95 yo Nana

My family and I went had a very good 2 hours with my Nana on Saturday night and what a wonderful time we had! We sang a couple of her favourite hymns and watching her sing 'Turn your eyes upon Jesus' made me quite emotional, Joshua sang 'Jesus loves me' to her and Gracie danced around like a ballerina. We also threw in a couple of good old Aussie folk songs...

We were partying folks.

Amongst the partying we talked about our Queen and the incredible woman that she has been and is. I loved what my Nana said above, there is so much history.

Our Queen is visiting Melbourne this Wednesday and I must say we will be royally engaged...

...The children and I are so excited!


  1. Hi Sarah, what a gorgeous quite from your Nana. It made me smile! It is lovely to have the Queen here in Australia isn't it. I hope you get to see her at your 'royal engagement'!:) I do like a bit of royalty! Mel x

  2. I love what Nana said too, but you have to admit that even though she is pampered she is doing very well for a lady of her age, trabvelling here and speaking etc. Wasn't she stunning as a young woman?!

  3. So...please tell us how it was today? wish we could see the Queen too!


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