Wednesday, August 3, 2011

The Water-Babies

We started reading this today!

I actually discovered this book in our friends

bookcase where we are staying in Geelong.

I wasn't going to read it until I saw it as  
a choice for free reading in year three on ambleside online

Have any of you read this?

Would love to get your feedback!

My children certainly enjoyed listening

for I had their attention for 45 minutes today.

My friends also have this in their bookcase -

Which we will start reading tomorrow!

What's your thoughts?


  1. So many neat books. For some reason, while reading ahead titles we'll be reading in years to come, the title of this book, Water Babies, fascinated me. I hope you love it, and I'm looking forward to it in a couple of years!

  2. I have never read neither even though my mum owned then all my growing years. I remember looking at the pictures in it. I loved it when my mum read aloud to me as a child, they create wonderful memories

  3. Both books look familiar to me from my childhood, bu alas I do not own them and cannot remember the stories so I can't give any input. 45 mins is a good attention span for your youngish children. My boys love to be read to but get very antzy after 20 mins or so. Oh for the long ago days when my girls would still for hours (it seems) listening to Little House and the Attic stories!

  4. I am pretty sure that I have 'The Water Babies' on the shelf somewhere. :o) I haven't read it, perhaps I should. :o) I'll be looking to see if I can find it now. LOL

    I haven't heard of the second book though.

  5. Yep, I went to see if we had it, and yep, we did, so now - for the sake of curiosity I'm going to have to have a bit of a read. LOL :o)

  6. OH, I need to bring some of these titles out that you have posted to read to my little ones! I hope you tell us if you like them!

  7. I haven't read either but judging from the cover (*wink*) they look great :)

    Thanks for your comment on my blog. We have thought about doing a B&B here in KY before, so I'm interested in reading more of your blog to see how you handle it all!


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