Thursday, August 25, 2011

New blog

Hey lovelies,

I just wanted you to know I have started a new blog ~

If any of you that come by here that are also on a weight loss journey then I would love you to come on over and join in with my journey and then we can be in on this together.

If you go on over you will find out how I am challenging myself further for a better health and fitness lifestyle!



  1. Good on you Sarah!
    all the best in your weight loss journey!

  2. All the best with it Sarah. From your pic you don't look as though you are overweight, but fitness is the most important thing.
    I am starting some gym session (at my age!) with the Cardiac Rehab program soon. I do hope to drop some weight but improving my health and fitness will be the goal. I will check on your progress from time to time.
    Have a good weekend.


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