Thursday, July 28, 2011

Just saying...

We have moved on to our new destination, and it is lovely to be back in the town I was born and bread, to see familiar faces and places. I am missing my new friends at Newcastle A LOT though, that happens hey!

We have not done much schooling in the last week as my dear children have had a bad case of the flu and ear infections, which is just so horrible. 

We have been hanging low indoors just resting and recovering.

I am looking forward to starting again next week as we are starting Shakespeare's 'As you like it' which my son Joshua chose to read after we finished reading his biography.

Isn't it great when your children choose books to read, I love it!

We are also reading The Jungle book, Our Island story, Trial and Triumph and a few more!

With my daughter Grace we are loving the adventures of Blinky Bill, Alice in wonderland, Hans Christian Andersen and more. 

I am so thankful to the Lord for sending Jeanne my way when I was scared to take the plunge and follow the Charlotte mason education.

Now we have all settled into a wonderful lifestyle of reading and narrating together and it's just great!

Well I have just been writing, waiting for my husband to get off the phone so we can watch 'The Man from Snowy river' on our friends MASSIVE TV!

That reminds me, we are going to be learning the beautiful poem of Banjo Patterson next term also.

I really am very excited to get our school books out again next week when everyone is well again.


  1. Hi Sarah, glad to hear you are safely back in Vic! Sounds like you had an awesome time in Newy! We are also reading Our Island Story, it's so beautifully written. Enjoy your movie :) We've managed to memorise about half of the poem so far this term - the kids are doing better than me! Did you know Slim Dusty put this to song? Check it out on youtube for some fun. Hope your chickies get better soon!xx

  2. Sarah, I've been away for about 5 weeks, am back catching up on people. Fun to read your cheery voice and know that things are well on your side of the world. Blessings as you adjust to the change in your life.

  3. Have a blessed day!!! Hope all is feeling super soon.

  4. Hi Sarah, Thanks for emailing me. I tried changing a couple of things on commenting to see if it would make any difference. If you are talking about Newcastle NSW on the coast we live about 1hr from there towards Barrington Tops. We are out in the country but it only takes 40mins to the beach. I am in love with the Charlotte Mason methods and even after 2 years am always learning how to do it better! It truly is a rich & gentle education or rolled into one. Hope your brood regains health very soon. enjoy your days. Blessings, Renelle


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