Friday, July 15, 2011

Hey you, come a little bit closer...

...I have something to tell you,

Come real close,

are you ready for it?

are your ears flapping?

You are an amazing person,

you are born with a purpose,

you are unique,

out of the 6.9 billion humans on planet

earth there is none like you.


The bible tells us that God knows, 

the number of hairs on our head (Math 10:30),

Just think about that for a second. I wonder how many hairs
I have on my head. I know I lose hundreds every week which means God must keeps track, of course He does,

He is omnipresent (all present)
He is omnimpotent (all powerful)
He is omniscient (all knowing)

Also According to David's words in Psalm 56:8
God puts our tears in His bottle.

After doing a bit of google research I discovered that in ancient times, Egyptions made bottles out of alabaster, gold, ivory and stone to store the tears from the mourners at a funeral. They were then placed in the tombs. 

I wonder how many bottles you and I would of stored up by now if we could bottle all our tears. I couldn't imagine holding a cotton ball to my eyes and then squeezing it all out into a bottle.

SO is this what God does?

Is He actually really bottling all our individual tears?

No of course not.

It's a beautiful picture though isn't it.
Our God actually bottling our tears. David writing in this way
gives us the capacity to understand a little of how God sees all and knows all. 

When was the last time you cried?

I had tears last night during the movie 'It's a wonderful life'

My understanding is God knows every single tear that comes forth from our eyes, He remembers them, He cares,
He stores them in His bosom.

Do you believe that you are amazing yet?

Wait there's more ~

The bible also tells us that God made and fashioned you.

Let's just take a closer look at the word - 


in Hebrew the word is Yatsar meaning:

to frame, pre-ordain, plan (fig. of divine) purpose of a situation)  

 to be formed, be created

 to be predetermined

Wow, you and I are preordained.
You've heard that before, yes so have I.

But you know what I remind myself of this everyday.
Life is tough at times.
People can be cruel,
someone can sow a bad seed into your head,
the devil whispers lies in our minds,
and if we don't go back and remind
ourselves that we are preordained
fashioned with purpose,
on this planet for a reason,
we can start to believe those lies,
which ultimately leads to you and I not finding
Gods purpose for our lives and doing it.

I'm sort of writing this to myself, but just wanted to
share this with you all.

Over the last four weeks of being in Newcastle and attending an awesome church, I have found myself again.
The more I have been losing myself to Jesus,
the more I am finding out who I am.

I'm not sure if you understand what I mean, but I just
feel God has been delivering me from fears that
I didn't realise had such a strong grip on my life,
He has broken the insecurity in my mind about everyone
hating me.

That's a fear.

God revealed that to me and
I heard Him whisper in my heart
and encouraged me to keep on being myself.
I'm different,
and that is just the way God fashioned me.


  1. Sarah, you are awesome!! This post made me smile - it is so you ! So encouraging, so fun, and so true! Thanks a million, you just made my day! Mel xx
    PS I can't imagine how anyone could ever not like you! Can't wait to meet you one day. :)

  2. So precious. I enjoyed reading it. I just read a devotion just yesterday with some of the same things. A fabulous reminder!

  3. Very Beautiful. VERY!!! I needed this. Thanks for sharing. I do know what you mean!!

  4. Thank you Mel, I think your awesome too!

  5. Hi Chrissy, so glad you came by, I can't comment on your blog at the moment, not sure why! But I will be reading your posts! xxx

  6. Thanks for sharing this:) I know it's something you've been walking through yourself but it's so good to hear it again and again and again:)

  7. What a lovely blog Sarah. It was great seeing how you brought out the meaning of the word 'fashioned' in Hebrew ... very interesting.

    We are unique and God loves each one of us as though we are the only one! What amazing love He has for His children.

  8. Love this post, you are unique and amazing and fabulous, a daughter of the king!! :-)


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