Sunday, January 30, 2011

My Perfect (but not realistic) Schedule

Hands up, if you know that educating your children is time consuming in the most wonderful way!


I see those hands.

Okay, hands up if you have been trying to invent the perfect schedule!

Well I'm not too sure if I can see any hands, but mine are up high right now.

It was about five years ago that I started studying the Charlotte Mason approach to education. The moment I started reading about Miss Masons way of teaching I was hooked and very much desired to be able to apply her principles in our homeschool.

Little by little I reduced the text books I was using and began to introduce wonderful literature to our learning and we began narration.

I slowly added books that ambleside online recommended and my main source of help to add Australian Literature to the ambleside curriculum came from Jeanne at A Peaceful Day and from there I have grown immensely.

Last year we were following the Ambleside curriculum about 80%, but this year we are following Ambleside 100% to the best of my ability and I must tell you I am very thrilled about this.

I have finally reached that place in my mind where I am confident with this approach and I 100% believe that this is the direction that the Lord has led me to.

So yesterday I completed what I like to call the perfect schedule to officially start this week. We actually started last week but I always like to have a week where we ease back into homeschooling.

Now to me, this schedule I have put together is perfect but not realistic and is there as a guide for me as I continue to grow more and more.
If you would like to view my schedule just go HERE.


  1. I loved looking through your schedule, I am still working on mine for our year 2 here which we will start in April. I am excited you are doing AO as I'm going to do AO as well this year!

  2. That looks great Sarah! I love a freshness a new year and new timetable brings. xo

  3. Wishing you all the very best for your new year, dear friends.

  4. You schedule looks so fun and inspiring.
    Love the kitten shot!

  5. Your schedule sounds great! :) I love seeing how others do their homechooling - so thanks for posting this! :)

  6. I am always impressed by home schooling mums, with your dedication and engery. May the year go smoothly:)

  7. There is a great amount of satisfaction at finishing those schedules, eh? It's like, "Aaah." And I just loved seeing your schedule! Another, "Aaah."

    We just redid our schedule and I left out the times this term as I want to be sure that, no matter what, we have our time with the Lord in the morning and as many check-ups in the day as needed. I found myself too often looking at the clock. Titus 2 says schedules are to be our tools and the Lord is our Master.

    Enjoy your term with the kidlets.

  8. This looks like a nice schedule. I am also homeschooling and have found a more laid-back (with a somewhat rigid schedule) approach to be working well for us.

  9. Oh YAY for you sweet Sarah!! We have also just started this week, easing into it as you said! I must check out your schedule (about to have a date night with my hubbie now..)
    Hope all is well for you and your precious family!!
    Thanks too for always popping by and leaving some comment love!!
    SMiles SHarnee :)

  10. I know, Sarah, I look at my first schedules and I laugh! They are devolving instead of evolving, but finally they are getting to the CORE and point of being realistic!
    I now grin when I see others writing these schedules for their first year. Though someone with more experience may still laugh at my current ones, ha!


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