Wednesday, January 19, 2011

For our friend Jeanne!

I'm inspired by an 8yo today!

Someone who inspires me more is an incredible lady who has
become one of my very few mentors.


A lot of you have been
thinking and praying for Jeanne who's beautiful home
has been recently flooded.

I just wanted to take the time to say Jeanne has been such
an inspiration to me through her peaceful blog.

Jeanne has taught me so much about literature,
education and life.

We actually became friends and my family and
I have visited her home a couple of times and the thought of her
delightful place being surrounded with water just truly breaks my
heart and I am here far away feeling quite helpless.

Prayer is so powerful though and I know through
all our prayers the Lord will carry Jeanne and her
family through such a difficult time.

We love you Jeanne and appreciate all that you are.

May you be strengthened today as you
continue to clean your beautiful


  1. such a beautiful post, made me all teary, have you heard from her at all since her last post???

  2. No, I haven't heard much! Yes, I am sitting here crying!

  3. Oh Sarah,
    I will pay your dear friend a visit. You are so sweet Sarah, to make a post for her.I will also pray for her.
    How precious my friend that you have a mentor like your friend. May God be with her and comfort her.


  4. Yes she is such a lovely and generous lady. I have also met her and her dd once and was looking forward to seeing her again this March when we are down in Vic. Not sure if that will happen now:(
    sounds like she is back at home now though from a comment she made on her recent post.

  5. Not beautiful now, Sarah. Thanks for your lovely words, dear friend. xxx

  6. Joyfulmum, still hope to see you! Jeanne

  7. Sweet post, Sarah. Praying for you, Jeanne!

  8. oh great! that would be lovely if you can still meet up with me:)

  9. Having seen your home and the devastation from the flood waters here I can only grieve for you, dear Jeanne. Thoughts and prayers for you all ♥
    Thoughtful post, Sarah.

  10. Such a beautiful post Sarah, and so true. I'm feeling quite helpless from here too, and so heartbroken for Jeanne. I haven't met her in person (yet!) but consider her a good friend. Sending you our love and prayers Jeanne. Mel and family.xx

  11. Oh, how very sad.
    Beautiful song and video.
    Thanks for visiting me...
    even though I am an infrequent visitor.
    I appreciate your comments.


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