Friday, October 15, 2010

Hymns in our home!

How Great Thou Art, Great is Thy Faithfulness, To God be the Glory, Because He lives, Amazing Grace are just a few of my favourite hymns.

As a little girl my Mother always had hymns playing in the background, and it wasn't until I began walking with the Lord at the age of 16 that all the words from those hymns came flooding back into my mind and spirit and had a very real meaning to me.

I love and have an appreciation for all sorts of music, R&B, soul, classical, country, jazz, and soft rock, but there is just something extra special about those hymns that make my soul soar.

Hymns are special to me and that is why I am teaching my children. We will sing them, listen to them and play them on our instruments and even if my children do not appreciate them now I believe there will be a time when they do.

Right now we are learning the beautiful hymn 'To God be the Glory' written by Fanny Crosby.

While browsing You Tube I found this upbeat version for kids and I dig it. It may not be everybodys cup of tea but my children sure love it.

Like I said earlier I love all sorts of music and in this day and age there are so many versions of this song and we listen to the original as well as fun ones like these.

Also I am choreographing some simple moves to this song for our end of year concert.

Pretty cool huh!


  1. Sarah, I am writing a little bit of my testimony and I was saying the say thing about an old hymn we sung at Sunday School. They certainly leave an imprint on one's tender young heart!

    This is so cute (the youtube!) I am glad you children love it (and Mummy too!) lol!

    Bless you sister!

  2. I don't often play music around the house because it seemed, with six kids, there was already plenty of noise. Now, I am thinking I need to do what your Mom did. I love, hymns, too, and want my children to love them. Thanks for sharing a great memory of how your Mom impacted your life is such a beautiful way. I love Mommy stories!

  3. I **LOVE** all those hymns you mentioned!
    Our last hymn was Amazing Grace and now we're learning In Christ Alone... the children really enjoy the hymns we sing

  4. I grew up in a church that sang hymns and yes like you I didn't appreciate them as much as when I came to know Jesus personally! Those are some great hymns, definitely among my favourites too:)
    I am planning on starting hymns here soon as part of our h/s.

  5. I treasure hymns, Sarah. The words are so full of truth! It's amazing, too, how the words I learned when I was little still stick with me today. You'll never regret teaching your children to sing hymns. Have a wonderful weekend. :)

  6. I love hymns and they were so much of my childhood. I use to love Sunday evenings around the piano singing hymns. It was wonderful. This is certainly one of my favorites.


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