Friday, September 3, 2010

A precious moment...

...happened to me a couple of weeks ago!

It was unexpected,

it took  me by surprise,

I was overwhelmed,

felt speechless.

It was such a simple gesture, but went deep into my very soul.

My 9yo son came in from out side and said to me,

"which hand Mum"?

So I picked a hand thinking he was going to reveal his latest bug find.

Next thing I know he hands me this...

...and looks deep into my eyes and says,

"I love you Mum"!

I was so moved, tears come to my eyes now as I type.

Just a precious moment!


  1. Aawww... these are the moments that make all the hard days worthwhile. Precious little man♥

  2. Yes. Very beautiful. Wipes tear from eye.

  3. awwww....that is indeed beautiful and precious!

  4. If this ends up being a double post, please delete. But... again...

    Love it! This will be something you will always remember!!!!


  5. "Her children will rise up and called her blessed." You are thinking about your wonderful son, I am thinking it shows you are a good Mommy. :)

  6. How priceless this moment was, Sarah!!!!

  7. oh that is truly precious!! xoxo


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