Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Setting up a home away from home!

Before I go away for 3 months I really have to consider which books to take and what to take. Here are just a few photos to show you our home school away from home, only for a few months.

These are our read-aloud books

This table houses the books I'm reading, the children's readers
and our read aloud books. Pretty simple

Forgive me for this photo being sideways,
it's just I turn the picture in Picasso
but it doesn't upload the way I changed it.
Anyway, could not ever leave home without my laptop
and photocopier. I print a lot of stuff off.

We cannot leave without cards, boardgames
and pick up sticks now can we?
Whilst being away my son has bet me twice
at Monopoly fair and square.

This little darling is Pepper. She belong to the owner of the apartment we are staying at. God provided this place for us and has worked out to be a win, win!
For the girl it is extra money each week and
for us it came at an affordable price,
Praise God!

My kiddies!

Free drawing time...a beautiful past time

A shelf with all our learning books. Silly sideways again!

Our newest addition to our family, can you guess who it is?


  1. Wonderful choice in books! : )

    and games!


  2. It all looks very homely, fun and educational.
    Oh, a lovely dolly like that has to have a name such as Molly or Amy or ......?
    So, when will the three months be up?

  3. It would be wonderful if they did a Curriculum Clean-Out down under! It looks like most of those offering giveaways are only shipping to the US :(
    Perhaps you could get one started ;)
    Love your pictures (even the sideways ones!)

  4. Hi Sarah,
    Beautiful photos, even if some are turned sideways;) I am thinking it might be your Picasa settings, do you use Pikinic to edit them out?
    Sometimes that can be confusing.

    I like your choices in books. So happy you all found a place to live. You are very special, I am so glad we have met.

  5. you've got some great books there, it's amazing how little we can live on if necessary isn't it!
    btw, is Dora the new addition?:)

  6. Jemimah says it's Dora. She also says 'hi' to the Lizard Boy and to Grace!!!!!!!

    We're reading Jungle Book at the mo as well - marvellous!!!!! Australian Animals and Birds looks very interesting. Will you review it some time?

  7. sarah,

    in picasa, make sure you save the picture after editing... hit [ctrl + S] and then upload... see if that works?

    i'm behind... where are you for three months? of course i'm sure you already posted that... ;)

    amy in peru

  8. The place you're staying at looks lovely. Great school readers and I love Joshua and Grace's colourful pictures!

    PS. LOL at the sideways pics.

  9. I'm glad you didn't forget the kiddies. Ha ha. Loved seeing what you need for a home away from home Sarah. xo


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