Friday, February 12, 2010

We went on a Nature study walk...

..."Mum, I have packed water, banana's & some biscuits" said Grace, and we grabbed our nature journals along with charcoal & pastel pencils, then
off we trekked, Joshua, Grace & I.

I wasn't planning on going far, but we just kept walking up the track, seeking
a nice shady spot to sit and draw.

One spot we looked is here where we found some ducklings and ibis birds. Our house is hiding just behind these tress.

But this spot was too hot, so

Joshua encouraged us to just "keep on walking, we will find a spot just up the road" he said

We finally found a lovely shady spot on the hill and when I turned around this was the view we enjoyed and drew from.

While we were drawing it was so quite and we began to hear a bird singing and Joshua says "that's a lyrebird, let's go and find him"

You can see Joshua & Maggie in the background
heading towards the bush.

It was so refreshing and liberating to go off the main track.

I was amazed that Joshua found the Lyrebird, for they always run away very fast.
The male Lyrebird imitates other birds, people, chainsaws and all sorts of other noises. He also was named after the Lyre insrtument, for when he spreads his display of feathers to dance around trying to attract a female, his feathers look like the Lyre.
By the time I got to where Joshua was the lyrebird was hiding in the tree.

I thought this was a very cute shot of the children's hands admiring the Australian bottlebrush seed captules.

Whilst Grace & I were enjoying this one lyrebird, Joshua had ran off venturing for other ones he could hear.

Next he yells out "Koala Bear"!!!

This is my 3rd Koala that I have ever seen in the wild in 30 years ~ unbelievable.
It looks like this one is carrying a cub.

The road on the left is where we saw those magnificant animals.
Now the little bridge you can see here on the right is where Joshua spotted a black red belly snake and we just watched him slide under the bridge. He was a beauty, and very long indeed. I took this picture while we were waiting for him to come out, but he never did.

These type of nature walks don't come along very often, and I was very aware of God's goodness as He took us to these animals and blessed us.

What an adventure!!!


  1. Whew! Now that is what I call am exceptional nature walk!! Incredible!

  2. I can't believe you can just walk out your door and see all that nature. It's gorgeous! You are so blessed!!!

  3. wow what a nature walk, around here we'd see dogs, cats and pigeons, not all that thrilling really. I can't belive you saw a koala in the wild, that's only happened once my whole life!! That's also great that your son found the bird and it didn't fly off, a trip to remember :-)

  4. Well, I saw exciting wildlife today, too. A man got arrested in front of my house. The kids saw him laying on the ground with hands cuffed behind his back, one cop car on my sidewalk, another down the road. Ah, the city life.

    I think - I know! - I would rather have seen the koala. Blessed you!

  5. Awesome! What a great nature walk. I love that your kids were so excited about everything they found. Isn't that the best ever - when kids are excited about real life things, not just tv or computers! Love it. :)

  6. Hey Summer, we moved here 7 years ago for the lifestyle of beach, wilderness, wildlife and lake experiences as well as work far it's working, plus we know it is God's will!

    Far out Mindy...does that happen all the time or was this the first? Pretty scary really!

    Hey Caz, I cannot believe that we saw a Kaola either...incredible!

    Mel, I love that my children love and appreciate nature aswel!

  7. Oh man! My nature walks aren't that exciting. Ha ha. Sounds like an amazing day. xo

  8. Wow sounds like a wonderful walk!!! We havent done any nature walks yet this year (we did some last year) but after reading this, I am inspired to do one asap!
    Luv Donna
    Oh, and Aurora's name is pronounced Awe-roar-ra , you kinda of lengthen the awe sound and soften the roar sound.

  9. What a wonderful, memory making day!!!! How special to see koala bears!!! I am so glad you had such a good day!

  10. Wonderful pictures. Yes, it's lovely when we can appreciate all God has made in simple things as a nature walk.

  11. That is just amazing! What a wonderful experience for you and your children to be able to witness God's creatures in their natural states! So amazed you saw a koala - I've never seen one in the wild. Could do without the snake... LOL

    Loved the pics (so did my kids).

    Thanks for posting this.

  12. Thanks Jen! Next time you all come up we have some new spots to take you too! Your going to love it! xxx

  13. Wow! I came along with you I think on this beautiful walk:) Thanks for sharing! I absolutely love nature walks but haven't done it much of late due to the weather, either too hot or raining! Can't wait to get back into it soon though...Thanks for this inspirational post:)
    Glad you guys had an awesome day! What a treasure!

  14. We need to do this! Thanks for the reminder and the inspiration :o)

  15. Hi Sarah,
    What an awesome Nature Study Walk! :D God truly does bless us abundantly, doesn't He?

    Have a great weekend,

  16. Now that is amazing... what a beautiful place. It is on my list of places to visit SOMEDAY! Koalas.. we just saw a few at our local zoo. But seeing them in the wild.. now that would be fabulous! :)

  17. WOW-what an incredible blessing to see the koala!! Found your blog through Ditchin' the Kitchen. :D

  18. Can't wait to come exploring with you guys when we come back next!!!

    The nooks and crannys are endless in Mallacoota - fantastic!


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