Thursday, February 4, 2010

Cute bookmark!

Following Ambleside online and reading alot of 'book lover blogs', I have
discovered you can never have enough bookmarks.

I love bookmarks,
cute ones,
inspiring ones,
and fun ones!

Do you love bookmarks too?

Edie from Life in Grace has made her own
bookmarks to give out to all her blissdom friends.

She also left the pdf file so we can ya'll download it and laminate it ourselves,
how cool is that?


p.s If you are interested in reading 'The Jabez prayer for woman', be sure
to enter the book competition here. It's worth a visit to read the comments already.


  1. Too sweet! Thanks for the link Sarah...and for the nice words on my blog. You and Dave are such a good friends to me.

  2. Hi Sarah,
    I love bookmarks, and I have some very special ones that friends have bought me - they have pride of place in my Bible. :D


  3. Great book marks. I have an endless supply (besides the kids efforts :-) as a widow friend of mine and her family make them to sell at the local markets. Among other products. You can never have enough lovely book marks, that's for sure!

  4. Yes!!! I love books and pretty bookmarks! :)

  5. I never have a book mark and most of mine are scrap pieces of paper, old envelopes, or even old grocery lists -- whatever is around me is what I grab to stuff in whatever book I'm reading! I must be "book-mark-disabled!"

  6. Yes, a lovely bookmark is a very important part of reading! Sometimes I use old cards from friends as bookmarks as well - and do some reminiscing of my friends while I read.


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