Wednesday, December 16, 2009

UP, UP and AWAY...

...Well that is what my parents are up to today! This morning they are leaving Darwin for good, Dad has finished his job and has resigned for now!

There first flight will take them to Melbourne where they board another flight to Merimbula where they will find there escort - Joshua, Grace & I!

This is exciting!

It's reminder that we are only separated from loved ones for a little while and a time comes when you are back together again.

My husband and I were discussing how being separated for 6 weeks is really such a short time in the scheme of eternity. We started to meditate upon the truth that since we have made Jesus our Lord we are never separated from God and His love through His grace!

Sometimes I really start thinking deeply about eternity and about all the people in my world that I know who at the moment are eternally separated from God, I can't help but feel burdened and I feel as though I am feeling just a tiny grain of what our Father feels.

This knowledge of eternal life is what drives me to continue to pray, to not give up on my family members, even though it looks like there is no change. I have wanted to just give up on praying after years of not seeing any change, but this is truly a very selfish attitude, and is certainly not the attitude of Jesus who will never give up on us.

As long as we are still here on this side of eternity there is always hope, grace and salvation.

'For He says:“ In an acceptable time I have heard you,
And in the day of salvation I have helped you.”
Behold, now is the accepted time;
behold, now is the day of salvation.'
~ 2 Corinthians 6:2

What else is Christmas really about other than salvation?


  1. Love your thoughts Sarah. Hope you have a wonderful time with your parents.

  2. Some great words here, Sarah.

    Enjoy your parents!

  3. Hi Sarah,
    Have a wonderful time with your parents. :)

    Christmas is a time of blessing for us, and hopefully we can pass that blessing on to the world during this Special Season. :)


  4. Amen girl!!! When the Lord brings you to my mind, I'll pray that your time apart from your hubby will pass quickly. Have fun with your family! I wanted to let you know I have a new blog. Just click on my name, and it will direct you to my new blog. I won't be blogging at the other site anymore!! Sending a cyber hug your way!

  5. Glad you have your parents with you. And it's good to focus on what we're really here for...sometimes we can become complacent and that won't achieve what God wants from us if we don't stay focused on the things of God.


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