Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Cooking with Miss Grace...

Unlike my son and myself (except I do enjoy a bit of dark chocolate), my daughter LOVES chocolate, dark and all, just like her Daddy! For the last 2 weeks everyday Grace has been reminding me relentlessly "Mummy you said we are going to make chocolate muffins"!

With the B&B booked out, loads of cleaning, washing, puppy training, and email enquiries, I kept putting it off, but friends today we did it!

Grace thought it a great idea to place a melting chocolate upon each muffin...

Grace always loves a dollop of cream or 2 or 3!


  1. Hi Sarah,
    I love your new header!

    Grace looks as if she's having a bucket load of fun.

  2. Mmmmm yummy~!! I think I might have to go and do a little baking. :)

  3. Hi Sarah, the baking looks great! Your little girl looks so happy amidst all that chocolate - very cute!

  4. I'm with Grace - chocky's the best! The muffins look delish - and so does Grace!!

  5. How absolutely adorable Sarah, dear little girl is having a ball making those cakes..a chef in the making hey?
    I love your peaceful picture at the top too!

  6. Thank you ladies...ya'll are so wonderful! xxx

  7. oh they look yummy and your daughter seems like she is enjoying cooking time. I love how your pictures change at the top of your blog, they're always so beautiful and peaceful!!! Whereabouts is your B & B?


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