Monday, September 7, 2009


Do you like it? Popcorn I mean! Yes, I hear you, I love it too, like who doesn't? I don't know one person who does not like popcorn!
Okay, so your wondering, why on earth am I rambling on about good old popcorn.
Well you can blame my ds's violin teacher. Today I dropped my ds off for his half n hour violin lesson and came back 25 min later.
When we walked in Joshua and his teacher were plucking notes on there violin and at the end I asked her why they were doing that!
She went on to explain that sometimes musicians pluck their violins when playing in an orchestra.
So here it ready...the reason why 'popcorn' is in my head~
"Have you ever heard of the 'Popcorn' song?" she said "um, no I don't think so"
So then it came, that tune that you just cannot forget and she began to pluck it on her violin...
"oh, that tune"! I cannot even tell you where I first heard it, probably to one of the dance remixes.
I heard it once and the popcorn song has been going over and over in my head since 2:15pm. It really is very simple, but very catchy and no wonder it became a number one hit.
Here is a bit of history:-
Despite the wide range of music Gershon Kingsley has composed, he is most well-known for a 1972 instrumental dance hit called "Popcorn."
Kingsley recalls that he wrote the primary melody to "Popcorn"
in about 30 seconds.
The song quickly became an international hit, with cover versions sprouting up all over the world. It hit number 1 on the German charts and sold over one million copies in that country alone.
Will you now take the plunge and move your little mouse over to the play button on the you tube video below to join me in listening to the 'popcorn' song!

Can you remember the first time you heard this song and tapped your toes, moved your head and sung it over and over in your head? Please tell, I am curious!

I guess it really does sound like popcorn popping in the pot after all.


  1. Hehe - I never knew the name of this tune - who would've thought it's called 'Popcorn'....LOL

  2. I can't remember when I first heard it, but I owned it on record soon after it was released. I though it was really cool!! (Still think it's fun!)


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