Monday, September 28, 2009

The adventures of extreme weather!

Good Morning all my blogosphere friends. Well it was my turn this time to have no power...and no power we had for 17 hours...yes that is right 17 hours.

It first went off at 11am Sunday morning and you just never know how long it is going to stay off for, it usually comes on after a few hours!

I have 2 lots of guests in also, one lot in our front water view apartment who are in for 6 nights and the other couple just arrived Sunday afternoon to the power off and going by the looks on their faces they were not impressed.

This lovely couple from the UK arrived into Sydney from Hong Kong on the day of the dust storms and they had to stay in the air for 5 hours before landing...could you imagine! Then they arrive into Victoria with absolute extreme weather conditions! The winds were so strong, the rain was pelting down, the thunder and lightning was clapping and it was freeeeeeezing!

The hotel in our town saved the day, with their generator both lots of guests were able to have their meals and warm up by the large lovely fire place in the hotel.

I am guessing the power came back on around 4am this morning for I awoke at 3:30am to pitch black and I could not believe the power was still off and I was just a little bit concerned about my UK friends and just hoping and praying that they were having the best sleep ever!

To make sure my guests leave Mallacoota with a positive experience I will give them a very large discount and I am hoping they leave with a smile on their faces!

What type of day have you woken to today?


  1. Wow those poor people would not have great first impressions of Australia so far.... But I'm sure they'll lighten up and possibly do as you do, see it as an adventure!

    The day I've woken to is a positive one! We're beginning school today after having a couple weeks off. Time to get back into the swing of things!

  2. It is still dusty here (CQ) but pleasantly cool. Lord willing, we get rain to wash everything off. That goes for everyone.
    It is not fun for your guests who have travelled so far, still, UK has some extreme weather too so I hope they can appreciate it. I know they will appreciate your generous discount!
    Second week of school holidays.... all good!
    Have a lovely week

  3. What an experience for your guests!

    We had a similar experience in Katoomba on our honeymoon, but the people there didn't give us a discount - we had to pay full price, even though we didn't even sleep in the bed.

    I hope that your guests will be happy with the discount that you're offering, and that they will spread the word about your excellent hospitality.

  4. You poor, poor thing. I'm sure your visitors' first impression of Australia, while providing plenty of story telling fodder, will always be tinged with a reminder of how wonderful the Aussie hospitality was. I can think of nobody that I would rather spend a blackout with than you, Sarah.


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