Wednesday, August 5, 2009

What do you get for 50c these days?

~A chuppa chuppa lolly pop

~a roll from the bakery

~1 piece of fruit...maybe

~a really cheap pen

Yesterday on my way home from the supermarket (after I brought a $5.00 punnet of strawberries) I stopped over at one of our local op shops to see if they happened to have a dog kennel for our puppy Zac who is growing very quickly.

While I was their I just browsed around looking for some hidden treasures. I was looking through the video collection and I came across 'The Wind and the Willows', my heart skipped a beat, I mean I was so excited as I knew my ds would be so glad to see it. The Wind and the Willows was one of our favourite read aloud last year and I really felt like I had found a little gem! It cost me 50c!!!

Then I went over to the book shelf and I found a couple of books, that I have never heard of but sound really great. They are ~

"Boy in a Storm at Sea" By Morris Lurie


"Tarin of the Ice" By Sheryn Dee

Has anyone read any of these two books and if so could you tell me what you thought about them? Thank you

I also picked up an old Encyclopedia which is filled with so many wonderful pictures which I thought would be great to cut out and paste into our book of centuries.


  1. What a great find Sarah! I love op shopping - it's actually become a bit of a hobby. My kids love it too, especially when we browse the second hand books. Finding that special something can really make you feel good - especially when it's 50c!!

    Melanie x

  2. What a coup! Sorry I don't know the books - you'll have to let us know how you find them!

    Hope you're enjoying the strawbs...

  3. Hey Melanie...op shops are awesome! My children also love op shopping, my son collects little glasses and Grace loves tuppaware of all!

    Hey Jeanne...well I only got one of the big very red strawberries, the others got lost in dd and ds's stomach! Bring on summer, lot's of berries!

  4. I love the op shops! I manage to clothe the entire family in name brands at ridiculously cheap prices! the things that some people throw away!!
    I asked DH if I could get two punnets of strawberries yesterday to make jam. He took one look at me and I knew the answer was NO!! I guess it would have been an expensive jar of jam!! I'll wait till summer......"SIGH"

  5. I love Op Shops also - my mum & I went to one the other day & bought a heap of clothes (pants, t-shirts, socks) for three of my children. It's so much cheaper - you get much more for your money.....

    I haven't heard of those books either sorry Sarah. Let us know what you think of them though please.

  6. I love op shopping getting a video for 50c is a bargain even by op shop standards (comparing it to where we live) but then again we don't pay $5 for a punnet of strawberries where we's around $3 to $3.50 at the moment...I guess it all evens out in the end!


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