Wednesday, July 22, 2009

On your marks, get set, and organise

Our library at the start...

Half way...

Time out for a play with Zac...

..and a good latte

Finished after about 4 hours

It is such a relief to get our books sorted and categorized and ready for our 3rd term.


  1. Is that your new upstairs that I spy? How elegant, airy and spacious!!

    It is nice to see some photos of 'Sarah's Space'. It helps me know you better.

  2. Hi Sarah,
    Is that a new header - your home?

    Wow, you did an excellent job of sorting and de-cluttering your bookshelf - it looks great, and I'm sure will be much easier to use.

  3. Yes, the top picture is what our home upstairs has looked like for nearly 4 years! We have now almost got the plastering finished and my brother (who is a painter) has come up to stay with us for a few weeks and do the painting. We just got all he paints today! God is so good, that's all I know and I am so grateful for the way He provides all in the right time! Thank you for commenting! x

  4. Sarah, I love the finished project. I also love the half way through pic. Isn't it always twice the mess before you get the job finished.
    Very satisfying.
    Also, thanks for coming over to blog.

  5. Hahah you're funny Sarah - your library looks so much better now.

    PS. Love the picture of the latte! It's so you! LOL

  6. Your cleaning session looks like mine! I make a terrible mess in the process but it looks great at the end.


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