Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Latest box of goodies...

In my favourites I keep two lists ~

1. Books for now

2. 2010 book list

Whenever I come across a wonderful book I add it to one of these lists. Recently I just ordered all my books on my 1st list for our 3rd & 4th term.

Our first box of goodies arrived in the mail this week and Joshua was the one who had the honours and the excitement of going to the bench and handing over the mail slip.

When Joshua arrived home he said "Mum, I had to sign my name and the lady said very beautifully done. I said hello to Pam and told her all about our trip to Malua Bay and Mogo zoo". Just thought that was so sweet!

Anyway back to the books. Here is what came in our first box of goodies and why I chose them ~ (hold on two seconds, just going to make a peppermint tea ~ would you like one?)

This is one of the books from the 'first discovery - music' series. It's a Illustrated book of the musicians life accompanied with a CD

The name of the book is quite obvious in why I chose it.
I was looking for a devotional that I can do with both Joshua & Grace. The book is based on biblical values which just appealed to me.

We do a lot of art & craft during the day and this book is loaded with a lot of wonderful ideas.

Just a tool to help me be diligent at providing poetry in our lessons...time will tell how it works, looking forward to it though.

Example of one in the book: Mary and James each work. One is a bricklayer. One is a skycap. the man is not a bricklayer. Who does what?

Next term we begin Galloping the globe as our geography studies. These two books are on the suggestion list to complement the curriculum.


  1. I'm dying to hear what you think of the Dinah Zike book - I've had my eye on that one for ages...also keen to hear about the poetry one.

  2. Hi Sarah i like your blog. (I followed a link to here from Jenna's blog) The Bach book looks great! Oooh, and what a cute puppy!!

  3. The books look great - you have a keen eye for getting good school books!


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