Saturday, May 23, 2009

God of Wonders

Over the last week, David, Joshua, Grace and I watched an incredible presentation of the Universe and all it's displays. What words in all languages can describe this phenomenal creation? Just like God it is indescribable, hard to comprehend and fathom just how everything is placed. Watching this video totally leaves you breathless, absolutely amazed and once again reminds you of how everything is a miracle.
One fact that just blew me away was the size of Earth against the Sun and that if the sun were hollow 1 million earths could fit inside....incredible! That's not it though, they then put the sun up against the next largest star and yet again the sun could fit inside that star numerous of times!
Sitting back in the lounge trying to make sense of the galaxy around us just left me in awe of this magnificent God and His creation, but in all that He sees me and totally loves me, He knows how many hairs are upon my head, He knows my thoughts even before I think them.
This DVD is presented very professionally with so much detail on the galaxy, DNA, plants and animals, I highly recommend this for adults and children who are questioning creation! For home school this DVD is fabulous for Astronomy, creation science and nature study.


  1. Wow sounds like a dvd to get! Thanks for telling us about it.

  2. Thanks for the tip - this would go really well with our astronomy studies! It's now 'on the list'!


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