Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Ben Hur - A Tale of the Christ

Over the Passover weekend my family and I watched this classic movie together! The children were asking questions left, right and centre, they were so captivated by the story line and their eyes were glued to the screen every time Jesus appeared!

This was astonishing to me in how the children's attention span lasted for the length of the movie. My little girl actually went away for awhile for she didn't like all the soldiers!

Even though I have watched Ben Hur quite a few times over the years, it still has a major effect on me. The scene where Judah was sent away and was walking along thirsty, hungry and no spirit to live on. The they arrive to a stop where the soldiers gave water to the animals and some criminals, but not to Judah, he then falls to the ground with nothing left in Him, but he cries out "God Help Me" - then appears the Son of Man so naturally and beautifully, and gives Judah water, but not just any water, this cup never runs out, this cup continually stays full and Judah drank to his heart content.

This is one of my favourite scenes when Judah looks up and sees Jesus, the expression is in his eyes, Jesus gave Judah not only water for the body but water for the soul, gave him the spirit to go on and live, gives me goose bumps every time and a few tears!

This movie is such a well written script with the truth of Jesus Christ and the cross attached to it. It's not the movie that is so powerful but the TRUTH of what took place 2000 years ago and what Jesus did has personally effected my whole life today!


  1. ya know, I've never seen this movie - even if it is a classic!! It is now on the list. Thanks for the review!


  2. I haven't seen this movie yet either but you make it sound like one not to miss Sarah - so we'll have to watch it!

  3. I had an old copy of Ben Hur and the testimony of Lew Wallace was on the cover. He was a war hero from the early years of America. This story was burning in his heart and when he retired he set to writing it. In the process, he trusted Christ as his Savior. It IS truly a wonderful movie and a wonderful story of salvation!


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