Monday, October 11, 2010

A day out at our door step!

Saturday morning we made a late minute decision to go on a BBQ. So we got all our food and things together and jumped in the car and 10 minutes later we arrived at our destination ~

Sandy Point

There is something special about pathways, for they lead to somewhere,
and this path will lead you to Sandy Point

This is Sandy point and it is pretty easy to work out how
this place got it's name
You are looking at Mallacoota Inlet part of 315km of inlet edge.
Also fed by a dual river system ~ The Genoa & Wallagaraugh rivers 

This was fun to watch my hubby and daughter cook lunch.

Just love this shot of my son in the background fishing

More of the inlet ~ isn't it beautiful?

My son

Found this little old man on Sandy Point! Just had to laugh
with the hands on the hip, the deck chair, fishing line and a ginger beer!

Black & White just makes this shot look so rustic

Yeah, that's me, snapping a shot of myself!
Well someone had to!

Walking back from the pathway to the BBQ area

Grace enjoyed riding around

...and my husband relaxing with his food and doing a mighty fine
job of advertising for Mitre 10 (a hardware store here in Aus)


  1. Looks like a delightful weekend with the family! Great weather wasn't it - glad you got it too :o)

    Am guessing there must be more than one 'Sandy Point' because I'm sure our bible study weekend away about 11 years ago was at a 'Sandy Point' and it wasn't as far away as Mallacoota!!

  2. These are beautiful pics, Sarah. Both of your family and the lovely Australia scenery. It was a nice weekend here too but very rainy in between it seems!

  3. Lovely photos of a lovely meal! I especially love the one of Dave at the end, and the one you snapped of yourself. Just lovely!

  4. You live in a beautiful part of Australia and your pictures capture the beauty very well! Love all the family pics, your kids have grown up since seeing the last pics you posted of them:)

  5. That was a great decision you all made to go out for a BBQ and a great location to boot!

    Blessed indeed!

    What a stunning family you have! And your husband should definitely get a commission from all the purchases made at Mitre 10 by home school moms preparing for handiwork.

  6. Gorgeous pics Sarah!! Loved the one of you - laughed when I read you took it yourself! Isn't that always the way :) Did your son catch anything? Mel x

  7. That sounds like a *wonderful* weekend!! Love the Aussie pics - it looks like you live in a beautiful area (don't think I've ever been there myself!). :)

  8. I love a picnic, aren't they fun. I also agree with paths that wind....where do they go to..what might I find! Looks like you all had a lovely time.

    Ps I am a fan of B&W photos, they show character and detail that is often missed with colour.

  9. Beautiful photos! I just love our country... one of the pictures (the bay one) reminds me of around here a little.

    I loved family days like that when my children were younger.

  10. Such beauty, Sarah. Great to see pictures of you and your family!

  11. Great pics. Looks like you all had a great time. Makes me wanna be there!!! Ah well ... one day we will again.


    PS. I like the black & white effect!

  12. you guys are so cool! looks like a fun day! and beautiful. I'm glad you took a picture of yourself. I rarely do and I'm always kind of wistful that there are no pictures documenting my actual presence... ;)

    amy in peru

  13. Wow! What a beautiful spot. Looks like you had a great time. I LOVE that photo of you. FB profile material!!!! xo


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