Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Daughter at Nanas = Date night with son

Yesterday was not a very nice day here at my house.

Not sure where it all began with my son, maybe it was the school, the thought that he just couldn't do his work can sometimes send him down the loop and it can be very difficult to bring him back.

Anyway, he went far down and struggled to keep some self control (which is hard for us adults too).

With not reacting and some crying out to God for help and wisdom I eventually got his attention and was able to talk with him about his behaviour.

By the end of the day his tears were flowing and the best apologies were falling from his lips and he was very remorseful for his behaviour.

It's true repentance that changes the heart!

This morning when Joshua got out of bed and came down stairs the first thing he said to me was "Mum I am so glad I can go to bed and drift off to sleep and start a new day, because yesterday was not a very nice day".


What an attitude, what a great spirit to just know it was wrong and that those types of days we don't want around here, he recognised how awful it is to be in strife and how wonderful it is to have peace. Today he has really tried to keep the peace (not stir his sister, obey his Mother and do his best school work).

Right now as I was putting the banana and walnut bread in the oven (Joshua's favourite) a gentle whisper dropped into my spirit saying go on a date with your son, take him fishing, come back and cook salmon together and play monopoly whilst eating popcorn and banana bread. I thought, what an awesome idea, just what my son needs, some quality Mum time.

My 6yo daughter is at Nana's for the night, so what a perfect opportunity to go on a date with my 9yo son.

Having read 'The Five Love Languages of Children' a long time ago, I have recognised that quality time and gifts is my sons top two love languages and when I haven't spent fun quality time with him, there is a distance between us and I don't want that, I want him to feel comfortable to talk to me about anything.

After Joshua spoke this morning I thought of the wonderful scripture "The Lords mercies are new every morning and His compassion's never fail".

Someone once said that God's new mercies are like a fresh loaf of bread in the morning.

I so get that!

This photo was taken in Geelong this winter when David and Joshua went out with a friend on his boat out from Queenscliff. I love the peaceful look on his face.


  1. what a lovely post and so encouraging on those days when parenting all seems too hard!!!

  2. Your Joshua has a soft heart and teachable spirit by the sounds of it. It was a wonderful post to read.

    Everything you said is true.

    I was only just referring to the 5 love languages book the other day. It was a great read, and many years later after reading it, I still recall some of the things it spoke about.

    Glad today is better for you, and I love the pic...

  3. My son has had ADHD all his life and I know what a bad is as we have gone through many of them. We have been to the deepest caverns and the highest mountains, it has been a roller coaster ride. I also find that after a bad day, my son will get up the next morning as if nothing happened the day before. A brand new day.

    Prayer is what got me through those bad patches, nothing else I could do. The journey isn't over, even though he is almost 23, he still suffers from depression and has huge augments with his father (they aren't the best of fiends)but I take each day as it comes and let the Lord worry about the rest.

  4. Sweet, Sarah.
    Sigh....However would we cope without the hope and expectation of the new day.
    Hope you two had lots of fun.

  5. Love this post Sarah!! Thanks for sharing. You are an amazing mother. xo


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