Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Good Morning Friends :-)

Can you believe that it's the 8Th of December already?

That twenty 09 is nearly over?

Neither can I!

Time really is so precious, and I really do try to make the most of the time that God has given us and utilise it to good use!

Today we are taking the time to go up the coast and do some Christmas shopping. Browsing around some blogs I have found that their a some that don't 'do' Christmas', if you want to put it that way, which doesn't bother me, and I certainly do not judge their convictions on the issue!

In our home, I love picking up our magnifying glass and looking deeper into the coming of Jesus and in my spirit it really does make me so excited, thankful and really it is just indescribable the awesomeness of Christ's coming!

I think about the people of that day, who stood on the prophecies of one day a saviour coming to Earth to bridge the gap between God and Man...just imagine their excitement when the good news spread, of a Saviour being born, their would of been great feasts, celebrations, dancing, singing and playing of instruments...at least that is what I imagine!

This is my main reason for keeping Christmas alive in our home...

To celebrate, not only Jesus arrival, but also His coming again!

These are my thoughts and convictions through the season, and it's important for me to keep this perspective as I am shopping for my dear children's Christmas presents. We don't buy a lot of things, we just buy a few really good treasures that the children will delight in!

For instance my son adores opals and the colors, and we have brought a beautiful opal necklace that we know he will appreciate and adore, for my daughter we brought a handcrafted carousel with music, which I know she will delight in!

My children know that Santa Claus does not bring the presents, and Dave and I chose to share that with them, because both my husband and I were shattered the day we found out that Santa didn't exist, and I don't want that memory for my kiddies.

But we do a lot of reading about the real Saint Nicholas and how he touched the lives of many, many children through his gifts!


  1. Hi Sarah!
    Thanks for sharing your heart on this! Very similar to my sentiments and I also use this time as an opportunity to see how I can spread the true message of who Jesus is and why we celebrate it in this secular society.
    As for Santa, we kind of let Rebekah believe in him - and we are rethinking that now. I don't remember when I found out he was not real so have no memory of that but my dh says he was upset when he found out but it didn't affect his trust of his parents when he found out it was all make believe. His mum is very big on Santa and has continued it with the grandkids which is where Rebekah gets it from.
    We are thinking we might tell her gently next year that he is not real but then she will be 6 and half then and wondering if she would have the capacity to deal with any deception at that age as compared to if she found out later. What are your thoughts on this? (sorry...dh and I were just talking about it last night!)

  2. Hi Sarah,
    We also continue "doing Christmas", although we have never done Santa.

    I think that any reason to praise Jesus, and to remember why He came to earth cannot be bad. I use this time of year to spread the "Good News" of Jesus and why He came to earth.

    Thank you for sharing your reasons for celebrating "Christ-mas".

    Have a great week,

  3. We celebrate Christmas also. . . not Santa. We do buy gifts for our children(not a lot though). We have an Advent Jesse tree (which I need to blog about). We have a devotion every day starting with the story of creation that shows our need for a redeemer. It is so easy to lost in all of the consumerism. I believe you have to make a conscious effort to not be sucked into all the "stuff". . . I hope you have a great day shopping!!!

  4. Beautiful thoughts...
    we've never done the Santa thing either.
    It just doesn't seem to make sense.


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