Thursday, November 26, 2009

Holiday Journal Pt 2 ~ Storms in the night!

Sometime between 10-11pm last night a massive thunderstorm was heading right over where we are camping. We prayed that the storm would go around us, and thankfully it did!

It was a bit of fun though on our first night of camping together as a family, even though is was like 30 degrees in the tent...but who's complaining...not me!

Today we are just looking to just chill out and really accomplish rest. David and the children I think will spend alot of time in the pool while I walk into town, look for a nice coffee and browse around the book shop that Jeanne highly reccomends, so I'll let you know!

Well folks, enjoy your day, I certainly plan to! :-)

Love Sarah xxx


  1. Hope you've avoided the rain this morning. We had both last night's and this morning's deluges. We are praying that it stops soon. The farmers must be devastated as they see their crops being destroyed this late in an otherwise excellent season.

    Thanks for sharing your holiday with us. I, for one,am loving it! Hope you find some goodies at the bookshop. Leave some for me!!!

  2. Oh, I love camping! Nothing better than all being together under a tent! Hope the rain stops soon...
    Wish I was browsing that book shop with you!

  3. That's one of the reasons I never go camping - the rain:) Just read about your visit to Jeanne's over at her blog. Great that you guys could meet up and enjoy the bookshop!

  4. Hi Sarah,
    30C is not even a warm day here in summer.

    I HATE camping - I went once as a child, but never again - all those bugs, ew, and I couldn't keep things clean.

    I'm glad that the rain went around you and you didn't get flooded out.

    Have a great holiday,


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