Monday, November 30, 2009

Holiday Journal Pt4~ Flying update!

Hey Folks...last night we camped 70km SW of Bourke at Gunabooka National Park. We saw baby emus that David & Joshua ran to help round up after parting from their Mother and Father after trying to cross the road in front of was funny to watch, they sure run fast!

Today we drove to Bourke, had a quick look around and quickly moved on to Walget where we stopped and enjoyed a delicious lunch and a awesome cup of latte. Joshua accidentally sprinkled sugar all over his poached eggs, so I told the waiter that I was was sorry about the wastage. Not to long afterwards the cook came out and asked Joshua if he would like her to cook him up some of charge!

Both David & I were astonished at their generosity and very touched as the cafe has been established for people with disabilities to offer them the opportunity of employment. We received such a wonderful warm and caring welcome, it was such a blessing.

Right now we are camping at Ligntning Ridge, under the stars and bright shining moon. Straight after we set up camp, grabbed some supplies from IGA, we headed straight for the Artesian thermal baths where we just sat like lobsters, it was so beautiful.

Well I am off, for I am starting to get bitten by Mossies.

Love to you!

Love Sarah xxx


  1. Sounds like a great time Sarah! Hope you keep enjoying!!
    Luv Donna

  2. Awesome! So glad you're having such a great time together. Enjoy!

  3. Ahh, to be camping now. It is our rainy season. The days can be warm, my heather is blooming, but it is always, always, damp.

    Enjoy, enjoy!

  4. Amazing! You are having a great break! Glad you got to LR afterall!

  5. Thank you your comments! x

  6. Wow, I'm impressed that you have internet in the outback, Sarah!
    How is the smell at the thermal springs? I well remember holidays with my sister and family around Blackall. The soothing properties were wonderful IF you could stand the stench of the water.
    Glad to hear you are having such a wonderful time and enjoying our great country.

  7. Hi Sarah,
    Darn, when I read that you had been to Bourke, I thought that you might have been coming this way, but you then went in the opposite direction to Walgett and Lightning Ridge. :(

    I hope that you continue to have a good relaxing holiday. :)


  8. Sounds like you are building some wonderful memories there Sarah..

  9. I love that you are having a great time. :)


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