Friday, October 30, 2009

Proverbs and a word from my heart!

"There are three things that are too hard for me,
really four I don't understand:
the way an eagle flies in the sky,
the way a snake slides over a rock,
the way a ship sails on the sea,
and the way a man and a woman fall in love."

~ Proverbs 30:18-19

The book of Proverbs is one that I love to read and meditate upon.

When I began bible college at the age of 17 I clearly remember my Pastor at the time encouraging us to not put our devotion time aside now that we were studying the bible more in depth but to keep your time with the Lord and his word as a top priority.

In saying that he mentioned a good place to start is to read a chapter of Proverbs each day, and that is what I have been doing for the last 13 years.

There is so much to grasp and learn from the wisest man that ever lived and I never get sick of reading the Proverbs, as a matter of fact when the new month starts and it is time to start at chapter 1, I am seriously excited.

Of course there have been months where I haven't read the Proverbs, but for the month of October I have and this morning the scripture above just stood out like 3D, and I understood what the writer was saying.

It is a complete mystery how a man and woman fall in love and how that love gets stronger and deeper.

While my beloved has been away the Lord has really been working in my life, revealing the areas that He clearly wants me to change and opening my eyes to what my husband needs from me.

How grateful I am to my Father in heaven who loves me so much to discipline, mould, change, and shape this piece of clay into the woman He has destined me to be.

This last week has been really hard, my whole body, mind and soul has been aching and longing for him, and this feeling does come to a surprise to me as we have have had our battleships with each other, but something that appears when he is away is an incredible love and passion for one another and no matter what storms we face, the love gets deeper.


  1. It's always beautiful to see another person so in love with their hubby! Thank God He has placed you both together and soon Dave will be back in your arms.

  2. I love Proverbs too though I've been through seasons of reading them each day,now is not one of them:) But I truly know what you mean, so much stuff in it to learn from and apply.
    Praise God that He is using your time apart to show you things, God is so good, constantly refining us and He is so patient with us isn't He:)

  3. Here's to a time when you will be together once more.

    Just think - if the way of a man with a maiden is too difficult for Solomon, what hope do we have!!

  4. HI Sarah,
    What a stunning picture of you and your husband!

    I love Proverbs, too, although my favourite book of the Bible is Job - I love his total dedication and devotion to God, even when the world around him was crumpling.


  5. This is a wonderful post. I have been told to read the book of Proverbs before - one chapter a day - and never have done so. I have read the book, just not used it as a devotional. It is one of my favorite books as well. Much can be gleened from it. I truly enjoyed visiting your blog and will come again soon!

  6. Hey glad you dropped in to say hello, very honored! xxx


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