Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Honored by a blog award and 6 things about me...

Jillian from
blessed me with this blog award and I really feel so
honored as I am just a learning blogger.

One of the aspects that goes with this award is to share six things that you may not know about me. So since I received this award, I have been thinking deeply to come up with six things to share, so here is goes-

1. I collect, adore and love tins. The tin on the far right with Claude Monet's famous poppy painting in this picture was my very first tin that my Mum brought me when I was about 9 or 10. The love of tins I believe was birthed right then. I just adored this tin and each year at Easter I would carefully peal the wrapping off my favourite Easter egg without ripping it and store it in this tin.

2. Dancing is one of my my deepest passions and I have been choreographing since I can remember.

3. At the age of 17 I moved to Geelong from Torquay and lived in a caravan, in the backyard of some close family friends. That year I did full time bible college and worked part time at subway in the city of Geelong. Still remains one of the best years of my life.

4. From the age of 15 I had a strong desire to own my own restaurant which has never left me, and all I can say is that I am half way there.

5. Before my husband and I had children, we went to Sydney for a few days for an event at the Sydney Opera House. This evening we were dressed very formally and afterwards we bumped into a drunk homeless man whom we ended up taking to McDonald's. The place was packed and as we were sitting there Dave & I began to sing 'Amazing Grace' with this man, about half way through half of the restaurant were singing along and we sang the whole song through, it was just phenomenal.

6. I have never been to the snow. The closest I got to snow was back when I went on a year 9 excursion to Tasmania where we were travelling along in a coach and it began to snow, and I was literally hanging out the window whilst I was begging the bus driver to pull over and let us out. Well he just kept on driving!

Well there you have it friends!

Being so grateful to you all that follow my blog, I cannot pick any aside, so I bestow this award upon you all and thank you all for being gorgeous bloggers.

Can't wait to hear six things about you that I don't know.
p.s you may have noticed the change to my blog name. The reason being is these words were echoing in my mind last night, and I thought I am going to change my blog name to make it more personal and plus I am 'eternally grateful'.


  1. Hi there Sarah! Nice to *meet* you and have a snapshot into your life! God bless you richly as you homeschool your treasures :)
    Love + blessings in Christ,
    Lusi x

  2. HI Sarah,
    You certainly deserve this blog award!
    Thanks for sharing more about your life with your blog readers.
    I love your collection of tins, just gorgeous!
    And I am awestruck at no.5. Good on you guys!
    I pray that all your hearts desires come to pass. BTW, I can't believe you haven't been to the snow! My dh comes from Vic and he has great memories of ski trips to Falls creek etc. He always talks about them. I wouldn't imagine it's too far from your place? Then again my geography of Vic is not that great yet:)

  3. Hi Sarah,
    Thank you for sharing some of the poignant things of your life.♥

    What a wonderful witness you were to that drunk homeless man - I wonder how many people would have responded the same way. I also wonder how your witness impacted his life - wouldn't it be nice to have a snapshot of how his life is now?

    My husband and I have been to the snow (on our honeymoon), and we were snowed in at Capertee. There were semi-trailers jack-knifed all up the mountain, and there was no power, so we went into the cafe there and had baked beans on toast (definitely not my choice for breakfast) - they had a wood stove. The previous night we stayed at Katoomba, and there was no power there, either, so we slept in the manager's residence, in front of the combustion fire on their lounge.

    Anyway, have a wonderful week.

  4. Thanks for the interesting snippets in this post, Sarah. I wondered who was at Eternally Grateful when I saw it in my reader just now!
    We are indeed eternally grateful!

  5. You certainly deserve this award, Sarah - you certainly have come a long way in a short time with your blogging. I love learning more about you, my friend - your heart for the downtrodden in our society always amazes me. You are truly inspiring.

  6. Hi Sarah :)

    My mum also collects tins , arnotts ones being her favourite and I am always on the lookout for new and interesting tins to give her. Its amazing where you find them hey!

    My grandparents were based in geelong for many of my years and my grandpa actually ran the reformed theological bible college for many years. I too have fond memories of geelong.

    How amazing to sing amazing grace in a mcdonalds!!

    Luv Donna

  7. Thank you all for dropping by, I just LOVE all your comments! xxx


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