Saturday, October 10, 2009

Hello Mother dear!

This is my Mother on the left with one of her sisters,
the other two are with Jesus

My Mother has been in Darwin for most of this year due to my dad's work taking them there. It was wonderful news to hear that Mum could fly to Melbourne to see her sister and together they would go and visit there darling mother.

Mum then flew to Merimbula on Thursday where the children and I picked her up and Mum is staying at our place, even though her home is four houses up the road, it's just so nice to have the quality time together!

Mum will return to Darwin on Monday, but I am still very thankful for any time the Lord gives to us.


  1. That is very precious for you and your family. Enjoy the special time you have with them.

  2. A good excuse for a holiday in Darwin too! It must be nice seeing your mum again, make the most of it.

  3. Enjoy the time together:)
    I miss my mum sorely, she is in India:(

  4. Hi Sarah,
    Enjoy your mum while she is here.

  5. Yes Sarah, we should cherish every moment we get with our precious Mum`s...I know I am continually asking God not only to bless my Mum but to remind me now of all the things I`d like to know about her before she goes to be with Him...

  6. It's great that you're enjoying quality time with your mum Sarah!


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