Thursday, September 17, 2009

Seeing Personality

Yesterday my ds awoke with a terrible headache!
He spent the day vomiting and being confined to his bed.

This morning my ds awoke me between 5-6am in such high spirits exclaiming "I'm better, yes I am better."

With a spring in his step he just could not wait to put his shoes on and go open the chicken shed. Arriving back inside, he comes over to the side of my bed and says -

"Mum, there are clouds in the sky, the birds are singing
and it is just wonderful...the noise is beautiful."
Don't you just love moments like these, when you get a snippet into your child's very nature, a closer look at their personality and hear from their own voices what is going on inside their little hearts.
Later on without him knowing, I was watching him sitting down the back swinging his legs, looking around the sky, watching the birds and singing a very joyful tune.
To see my ds8 just so joyful to be outdoors and enjoying God's creation brought joy to my heart.


  1. It was awful seeing him so unwell...someone who is usually so full of life, to be unable to leave his bed was sad to see. But thank God he was much better today - and what gorgeous comments he made. He must've been so delighted to be able to get outside again!

  2. Thanks for sharing that with me, Sarah. Just a lovely thought.

  3. He sounds like a delightful young man to have around! Thanks for sharing the uplifting story.

  4. My ds has a stong will which seems to require constant training and discipline. I really appreciate the Lord allowing me to see his nature and gifts!

  5. Thanks for sharing that and sorry he was sick.
    Yea, I just love those moments too with my dd!So precious!

  6. Hi Sarah,
    New header? It's beautiful.

    It's wonderful when children see the beauty that our loving God has put in place - glad to hear that your son is feeling better.


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