Wednesday, August 12, 2009


Yesterday began just in our normal routine, get up, we have breakfast and I chat with the children and we cuddle our puppy.

Before I go into detail about what happened on this particular day I want you to know this last week has been a roller coaster one, I have been up and down and all around.

WHY? You might ask!

Well we are in a very exciting time with our first home nearly completed. But this comes with A LOT of extra work and more responsibility which can stir up all types of emotions that depict how immortal we really are.

As a Christian I truly believe that the Lord gives us challenges that are beyond us, projects that only we can do with the maker of the Universe. Trials where you say 'it is not by might, it's not by power but by my Spirit, says the Lord'. How grateful I am to my Father who challenges me and brings me to my knees, who constantly reminds me I am not alone, Emmanuel is with me and He will never leave me or forsake me and with Him all things are possible.

Okay so there has been some tough stuff happen this week, events that strike your heart like a knife and the pain cuts deep, you know what I am saying, we all experience these times and I am reminded of a famous quote by Joyce Meyer -

"A new level, a new devil!" - It's true!

Back to yesterday, after devotions, drawing and maths, I put on an Australian animal documentary for the children and made them some toasties and said "I'm going up the street to get some fresh bread and the mail".

I arrive into town and I realised I was really hungry and it was lunch time so I thought I will go get the mail and grab a take away fresh chicken salad (which I do not do very often).

So I went back to my car and sat their really indulging in this very simple toss salad and reading my new Joyce Meyer magazine and was challenged once again by one of my mentors who was writing about the power of the tongue.

As I was sitting there I just sensed my best friend near me, gently teaching me, giving me a rest, just a little bit of time to be with Him, a bit of space where no one is demanding my attention.

Jesus was loving me in my brokenness, right where I was at, it was beautiful, restful and natural.

Next was the bank to deposit a cheque, but right next to the bank is a surf shop (which I haven't been in all year...truly) and they were having a sale! So I stepped inside, I was the only one looking around and I found a nice pair of cargo pants that I was desiring for our early morning nature walks. So I tried them on and the shop assistant lady really began to pay me a lot of attention, (which does not happen normally) and handing me clothes to try on and wanting to see everything!

I was loving this, but suddenly I felt again that someone else was there with me working through this lady, loving me, lavishing me with gifts, not only was this my God but my Daddy...I was so touched!

I felt Jesus rubbing His healing oil into my wound and His mercy just abounded!

Oh how I love Him!

After having a lovely chat with the friendly ladies at the bank I headed on down to the bakery for some fresh bread and a cob to make garlic bread to accompany my Minestrone Soup.

I came out of the bakery and was just about to get into my car and I hear 'Sarah' and a lady with her husband and two children were standing there looking at me, and I was wondering who they were, I have never seen them before (except back up at the cafe, they were walking out and I was walking in).

They introduced themselves and began asking me about my homeschooling journey and saying they want to home school! Was I really hearing what they were saying, I cannot even begin to tell you how overwhelmed I was with excitement with the thoughts of another family homeschooling in this community.

If you could imagine I was floating on cloud 9 now, totally captivated by God's love yet again! Turns out they are a Christian family also and have been working over the lake at the MLC (Methodist Ladies College) camp for the last two years and desire to home school!

What else can I say, how lovely it will be to have another homeschooling family near.

Yesterday is now gone, it will never return,
but the events that took place are eternal!


  1. Isn't it great when you see God showering you with His love, tucking you under His wing, protecting you in your time of great need.

    Lovely blog Sarah - made me smile & feel so thankful that God is with you!

  2. What a lovely day yesterday ended up being for you!

  3. What a lovely read! God is so good.
    I am so excited for you at the possibility of having another hsing family nearby:)

  4. Warming story!
    Fresh bread AND a surf shop...just my style!

  5. Hi Sarah... this was a little while. Whatever happened to that Christian Family. Did they end up homeschooling and where? Did you hear from them again? Cheers Bronny

  6. Hey Bronnie...yeah I sent the lady quite a few links regarding homeschooling, and I bumped into her again up the street and we had a great chat. SHe was heavily pregnant, so I think she may of had her child! Because they live across the lake I do not see her very often, but when we have spoken the time has been so enriching for both of us.

    Thanks for asking Bronnie! Love ya!


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