Saturday, August 29, 2009

House in the making - Part II



  1. Sarah, your kitchen is just the same as ours - same colours, same windows, same layout!

    Needless to say, I love yours!!

  2. Very spiffy! Both of you...
    I can only dream of such a room.
    Sarah, I love all your lovely pictures on your header!

  3. Thank you Jeanne, they are lovely earthly colors really! x

    Hey Ruby, thank you, I am pleased you are liking the header pictures as I change them alot ey! x

  4. Oh my! Tell me this isn't your view...the view that you will see daily!

    Wow, I am fighting envy right now LOL

    Beautiful! I hope time passes quickly and you can be in and using it ASAP.

  5. Hey Susan, you know I am just taking one day at a time, enjoying each moment with thankfulness, appreciation and joy! Thanks for dropping by! xxx

  6. Great pics Sarah ~ it's looking just gorgeous (as I knew it would with you in control). Love your colour choices - it's shaping up to be spectacular! And I just can't get over that amazing view - oh and that blue circular window looks fabulous!

  7. Thank you Jenny! Yeah we love the blue circular windon aswel! xxx

  8. Wow! I can only dream of a kitchen like that:)
    BTW, told my dh about you and your b&b and his response was "let's go"!
    So, next time we're in Victoria, I'll have to come visit, along with visiting Jeanne.

  9. Hey, that would be fantastic! Make sure you let me know that it's you okay! Thanks for dropping by! x

  10. Hi Sarah,
    Wow! That kitchen is so beautiful, and I agree with Susan, your view is spectacular.


  11. Hi Jillian, thank you for your compliments, it really hit home today for the first time in 5 years! All the glory to my God who continually amazes me with His love and mercy, may He be glorified through this place! xxx


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