Sunday, August 2, 2009

Four years ago...

...we were living in a cabin we brought and shifted to our block
while the house & business were being built

Our first day in the cabin was when
we arrived home with a new little baby girl

Joshua was 4 and enjoyed watching and copying the cute

A beautiful sunrise

A great shot of the steal roof going up

I has been a HUGE project and a LONG journey. Nethertheless, we wouldn't have it any other way, learning is not
at the start or the end but in the journey.


  1. This looks absolutely amazing! You guys have accomplished so much. Your children are are so blessed. x

  2. WoW Sarah - good on you guys for following a dream! The house looks great, love the wave-like roof line. When we lived in QLD we would travel down the coast to Melbourne to visit family. We loved the South coast of NSW - especially Merimbula and Pambula. Haven't been to Mallacoota yet though!
    Melanie x

  3. Wow, what an amazing home! Congratulations for following your dream.

    We lived near Eden for about a year, and it was so beautiful. The river used to flow through the property, and we went swimming with ducklings and platypuses - it was great!

    We passed through Pambula many times on our way to go shopping at Bega. ☺ I haven't been to Mallacoota yet, either. (sigh)


  4. Great shots of the house being built - and look how tiny your kids look!

    It's cool seeing pics of your B&B at different building stages, as well as that cabin you lived in.

    Looking forward to coming up your way real soon!

  5. Oh yeah, Sarah, the light's certainly at the end of the tunnel now!!


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