Thursday, July 9, 2009

Twenty Things I Love

  1. My amazing Savour ~ the Lord Jesus Christ
  2. God's word ~ The Bible
  3. My Husband who just came over and said 'good morning Princess' aww
  4. My blessed children
  5. My cappuccino machine
  6. Vittoria, ORO coffee
  7. Crazy about good paper and pens, every time I walk into a newsangency, I walk out with a new pen!
  8. Australian healthy food guide magazine
  9. Jane Fonda's New Workout ~ it's only about 35 years old, but I just haven't found a workout that is at the same level
  10. My 40 year old guitar that my Dad gave me when I was 15 and I spent 60 minutes everyday teaching myself

To be continued......


  1. I like the 20 favourite things idea!
    I just completed a 20 favourite book list on another blog. That was fun too!

  2. Very interesting there Sarah....I was hoping I would've been on your 'Things I love' list.....LOL


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